Minnesota's Pick

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Minnesota's Pick

So I have heard plenty of talk about what many of the teams in the lottery are planning on doing come draft day but one team I haven't heard much about is Minnesota.

They could go a couple of ways... A big man with a defensive presence would compliment Al Jefferson well but the only player that fits that bill is Thabeet and I believe he will be gone by the 6th pick. The T-Wolves also need to decide on a position for Randy Foye. I believe, like many, that Foye is a natural SG. So, Minnesota could be looking at a PG with this pick, which is good since there will be plenty available here.

Assuming that Blake Griffin, Hasheem Thabeet, James Harden, Ricky Rubio, and Jordan Hill are off the board; who will the Timberwolves take? (The guys I see as candidates are: DeMar DeRozan (I know he isn't a PG but could be best available here), Brandon Jennings, Tyreke Evans, Jrue Holliday, Stephen Curry, and Jonny Flynn.)

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Tyreke Evans would be a

Tyreke Evans would be a perfect fit IMO

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Point Guard

I look for them to get more of a pure pg to run the team. I like Flynn, but I could see Jennings or Holiday also being a good fit. Holiday would give them a bigger pg. I think Evans is going to be a shooting guard in the league.

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They'll go Tyreke if he is

They'll go Tyreke if he is still there.

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Why does Tyreke Seem like

Why does Tyreke Seem like the ideal fit? I just think he'd be going to high at 4 or even 6. To me Jennings makes a lot more sense for this team than Tyreke Does.

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Due to the fact that he is

Due to the fact that he is best suited to playing on the ball at the point, relegating Foye to SG on offense and allowing Foye to guard opposing teams' PGs due to the great amount of versatility Evans' size gives him.

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