Minnesota could make a big splash

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Minnesota could make a big splash

Minnesota could impact this draft big time. They hold the 6th 18th 28th 45th and 47th.
They hold contracts that expire between 2009 to 2010 include Shelden Williams (4 mill) Craig Smith (2.5mill) Brian Cardinal (6.7 mil) and Mike Miller of (9 mil). There has also been talks of trading Randy Foye (3.7 mill) and Kevin Love (3.4 mil). For me i feel Randy Foye is a decent sg and I feel Love is a great inside outside passing and a great rebounder. Now there has been lots of talks of the T wolves trading with Memphis, and Washington. Now could both trades appear? If the Twolves are only attached to big Al then both could happen.

Trade with Memphis

Twolves acquire
Darko Millicic
Greg Buckner

Memphis acquires
Ryan Gomes
Shelden Williams
Kevin Love

Trade with Washington

Twolves acquire
Mike James
Deshawn Stevenson
5th pick

Washington acquires
Randy Foye
Mike Miller
4 million cash (this would help Washington keep Jamison)

Now the next part is even more controversial then the first part in that would the Twolves draft Rubio? Would Rubio play them? And who falls to Washington at 18? Well i'll just say they draft the best player for there team that i think will be on the board

I would then (yes making another trade) and Remember Knicks Love Rubio and Rubio would Flourish in Mikes system and even though Mark Madsen and Brain Cardinal barely match Hughes contract but remember Rubio will be have a 3 or 4 million above the 8th pick

Twolves Acquire
Wilson Chandler
8th pick
Larry Hughes

Knicks Acquire

Rubio (Remember Knicks want Rubio LOTS)
Mark Madsen
Brain Cardinal
DeShawn Stevenson
So Twolves have

pg: Tyreke Evans, Mike James, Sebestian Telfair
sg: Wilson Chandler, Larry Hughes, Greg Buckner
sf: Corey Brewer, Austin Daye (I don't think Austin Daye will fall this far but I think he is amazing but I said he went at 28th with all you haters : ) )
pf: Al Jefferson, Craig Smith
c: Hasheem Thabeet (I don't like Thabeet but he would be a good defensive presence for Al Jefferson and even though he will only score 10pts but AL Jefferson makes it up), Darko Millicic


pg: Gilbert Arenas, Ty Lawson
sg: Caron Butler, Randy Foye, Nick Young
sf. Mike Miller, Andray Blatche
pf: Antwan Jamison, Etan Thomas
c: Javale Mcgee, Brandon Haywood


pg: Mike Conley
sg: Mayo
sf: Gay
pf: Love

SO yea this has a .2 percent of happening and I think it helps every team a lot in the future but i don't see any of these teams making the playoffs next year except Washington so its not altering there present course. Personally I feel the knicks get the worst but they probably think Rubio is worth it and it would entice LeBron

Thanks for reading my really insane trade haha

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With there 45th and 47th

I would take Jon Brockman and Aj Price who is so underrated

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that must've took a very long time to make sure everything makes sense.

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What would you think of the T-Wolves took Jodie Meeks with one of their picks? Supposedly, they were said to be a team that would assure him a contract if he fell into their lap.

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Since Kevin McHale is gone

Since Kevin McHale is gone they probably will draft better than they ever will.

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