Milwaukee Bucks Draft

Does anyone know, or has anyone heard, which direction the Bucks are leaning towards, assuming Parker doesn't come out:

1. If it plays out, and they get the 1st pick, do they take Wiggins, Embiid, or shock everyone and take some other player ?

2. If it doesn't play out, and Sixers get the 1st pick and the Bucks get the 2nd pick instead, and the Sixers take Wiggins as expected, then do the Bucks take Embiid, or someone else ?

The Sixers have pretty much indicated that they want Wiggins. So, just wondering if the Bucks said anything similar ?

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1. Wiggins is considered a

1. Wiggins is considered a better prospect than Parker around the league, and very slightly more so than Embiid (per Chad Ford). They have some legit big talent and neither Sanders nor Embiid would enjoy being moved to the 4, so if they get the first pick, it's highly likely to be Wiggins.

2. Have also heard that they like Randle. Of course, probably not more so than Parker or Embiid, and I think it would come down to a BPA vs need (have heard nothing that suggests the Bucks are especially taken to Jabari, not saying they don't like him, just, he's probably #3 on the big board). I'd make Parker and Embiid equal favorites here with Randle as a dark horse.

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Heard from who Chris

Heard from who Chris Broussard?

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if i were a gm with the first

if i were a gm with the first pick, i would hope parker comes out to select him first. that's just me. i see him being in the mvp conversation someday in the league, that sounds crazy to a lot though.

embiid i believe would be the bucks first choice. larry sanders is a player proven that some players get more immature with age. this year he became another knuckle head. embiid has the size and tools to be number one. wiggins has been considered the best prospect by most, only by the slightest of margins over embiid and parker. but not everyone is on that level, some have the top 3 pecking order in different orders. embiid has the center position factor which has been known in past drafts to go with size if it's close.

if bucks have first pick and don't pick embiid, it's only because they don't want to repeat the andrew bogut scenario and fear embiid is injury prone. it's hard to factor injury though. wiggins regardless would not be a bad selection. he could also be in the mvp conversation someday, but there's just something about him that wonders how much he will figure it out. at times he's great and at times he's a deer in the headlights.

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I would take Wiggins.

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Early Bucks Chatter

I remember an article a few months ago that had the Bucks with Embiid #1 on their big board, but that was before all of this back issue stuff got serious. The health of Embiid has a huge impact on what the Bucks do.

IMO it is Parker or Wiggins and really, no one can second guess them on either of those two prospects. Although, Milwaukee has a local Bucks beat writer who insists Exum is in the mix too. I think that is a long shot.

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I'd be happy with Wiggins,

I'd be happy with Wiggins, Embiid, or Parker. The Bucks have players in their front court signed to multi-year contracts, so it might be a bit of a log jam. You make room for Embiid if he's the pick though. They need a low-post scorer, but they need some one who can light it up from their wing positions. Giannis is great, but it'd be nice to pair him with Wiggins or Parker.

my own personal choice would be Wiggins. I believe he's going to be a superstar. I've said it before on here, his passive play will disappear in the nba. Especially if he was on the Bucks and would be the go to guy

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Yeah, it was reported earlier

Yeah, it was reported earlier this year that Embiid was their #1 guy and then Wiggins I believe. My guess is that they'll test Embiid out to see how his health is, and they'll go from there.

Having said that, as a Bucks fan, I continue to expect we'll end up with the 4th pick lol. If we get one of the top 2 picks, I'll be very happy, but I'm trying to keep my expectations low.

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There are Bucks fans??!!

Love to see it when people stick with their teams and here is hoping that you don't get 4...and that Parker comes out. I don't think that the drop from 3 to 4 is as big as some people suggest but given that there is a "gap" there it would be unfortunate for you to end up there. But worst case you get what? Exum? Vonleh? Randle? Hope springs eternal in Milwaukee...

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Personally, I'd prefer to

Personally, I'd prefer to take Exum over Jabari, so yeah, if Jabari declares and we get stuck with the 4th pick, I'm alright with it. But if Jabari goes back to Duke and we get the 4th, that's a huge drop off IMO.

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