Milwaukee Bucks

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Milwaukee Bucks

I want the East to turn around and not have any teams under 500 in the playoffs anymore.

I think the Bucks could turn it around if they land the #1 over all pick this year. If so they should draft Parker. I also think they should trade OJ Mayo to the Pistons for Greg Monroe and Luigi Datome (It works financially) The Pistons get a starting Sg and the Bucks get a solid low post scorer to go along Henson or Pachullia.

Drafting in the second round with the 31st ,36th and 48th picks they could go a couple of different ways. They could try and package two of the picks and move up in the the first round. They could package the 36th and 48th picks to a some differnet teams like the Bulls at 16, the Suns at 18, or the Thunder at 21. Those teams would be willing to do this trade because 2nd round picks are not guareenteed money. The Bucks could taget some young talent with one of those picks like Jermani Grant, Tyler Ennis, or Glenn Robinson III. If they could not find a team move into the first round and keep all their 2nd round picks I'd like for them to go after PJ Hairston or Jordan Adams with the 31st pick then with the 36th pick go after Jusuf Nurik or Walter Tavares and with the 48th pick DeAndre Kane or Russ Smith. Adams or Hairston could help bring some scoring off the bench. Nurik or Tavares keep over seas and Kane could be a solid backup for Knight or they could even play along side together.


Pg-Knight,Kane Wolters

Sg-Antetokounmpo, Hairston/Adams, Delfino

Sf- Parker, Middleton,Antetokounmpo

Pf- Monreo,Ilyasova,Henson

C-Henson, Pachulia,Sanders

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