Milwaukee Bucks

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Milwaukee Bucks

I won't call this team an underrated team, but I believe this team have the biggest difference between their floor and ceiling. I wouldn't be surprised if their the second best team in the league and I wouldn't be surprised that they missed the playoffs. In my opinion, the Bucks have the best trio in the league, yes including the Timberwolves. In my opinion, Khris Middleton is the most underrated player in the league, Giannis is a top 3-5 talent under 25, and Jabari Parker can be an elite scorer in this league.

I believe if their trio of player develop enough this year, they can make serious noice this upcoming season. I know they missed the playoffs last year and was one of the most disappointing teams last year, but I'm not going to judge them when they were at their lowest point last year. When they started to figue everything out. post all star break, with their lineup construction. they started to flourish. The lineup with Giannis, Khris Middleton, Jabari Parker, and Miles Plumlee was a top 2 lineup in offensive/defensively effeciency.

I know some may be down on Jabari Parker, but I believe he is in for a breakout season for the Bucks and the Bucks will go as far as Jabari Parker takes them with his scoring proficiency. He averaged 19 and 7 after the all star break while having a 49 field goal percentage. I believe he can improve those numbers this season and be a 23+ scorer. I came to this conclusion by the fact that he will take more three pointers, be more of the focal point of the offense, and natual improvement. If Jabari makes the leap this season, the Bucks can be special.

I'm goint to make another forum about unrealistic trades that should happen that makes since for both teams. One trade that makes since for the Bucks and the Rockets is dealing for Patrick Beverley and Trevor Ariza for either John Henson or Greg Monroe. The Rockets been trying to trade both Beverley and Ariza for a while now and they need front court help. Either John Henson or Greg Monroe would be a huge upgrade in the frontcout. By getting rid a Ariza opens up a spot for Sam Dekker. For the Bucks POV, this is ideal trade for them by getting two veteran three and d guys. A big reason why the Bucks didn't make the playoffs last year was because they lost veteran leadership and team defenders in Zaza Pachulia and Jared Dudley. Patrick Beverley is a perfect guard next to Giannis.

I think this can be a breakout year for the Bucks and I think they will finish in the top 4 in the eastern conference this upcoming season.

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I'm assuming when you say

I'm assuming when you say they have the best trio in the league you meant young trio under 25 or something.

I think they are a good team that is hard to pinpoint right now. How is their pg play with MCW? Do they have a star to lead them? Is plumlee/Monroe really the center duo that can scare teams?

They are deep and well rounded, going to be fun watching them.

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I'm a huge fan of Jabari

I'm a huge fan of Jabari Parker, so I watched a lot of Bucks games on league pass. At the near end of the season, I noticed the lineup of Ennis, Giannis, Parker, Plumlee and Middleton had a lot of chemistry and were effective together. Ennis does not mind giving the ball to Giannis to run the offense or even to run the fast break, whereas MCW is hesitant to give the ball up since he wants to runit himself. Ennis also does not hesitate on catch and shoot situations. I want to see a rotation of he and Delly at PG.

Plumlee meanwhile is a ultra-efficient big since like Deandre Jordan, he can finsh so well inside with his athletiscm. He also has a good body to both defend the post and the Pick and Roll.

Giannis meanwhile is a beast. He was unleashed when MCW got injured and was flirting with triple doubles night by night. What people may not know though is that his jumpshot is muuuuuuch improved. I saw some of his games with Greece in the qualifiers and my, did his confidence in shooting shoot up. When he's open, he shoots it no hesitation now. And his release is much more fluid. Check it out. Top 10 fantasy player next year.

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Everyone always thinks the

Everyone always thinks the Bucks are going to emerge as the Easts new power. Last year most people on this forum predicted they would be better than Toronto lol. Same team as last year + Maker. I don't think they have improved enough unless Parker and Anetekoumpo come out of the gates hitting threes.

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To be clear, I don't think

To be clear, I don't think this team is capable of being one of the best in the league next year like OP. But to say the only change they've made is adding Thon is silly. Dellevadova could easily end up starting for them and both he and Teletovic bring them much-needed shooting ability.

Their bench was probably the biggest weakness on the team and it should be significantly better this year.

Outside of the top 3 or 4 and the bottom 2, the East should be really tight, so the Bucks could finish anywhere from 13th in the East to maybe 5th or 6th. My guess is that they'll hover around .500 this year, with the potential for more if Jabari and Giannis show improvement.

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Is Jabari closer to Rudy Gay

Is Jabari closer to Rudy Gay type player or James Worthy type player?

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Do you actually watch

Do you actually watch basketball or just read about it?

From what I know he is a bit like James Worthy but Worthy is a bit before my time. Big body, athletic, agressive and versatile.

As for Gay there's really no comparison.

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I really like the Bucks, but

I really like the Bucks, but when I say that I more think of the combo of Giannis and Jabari. They need to build the team around these twos guys and while I think that Jabari can become a nice 3-pt shooter they need to add more.
I really like Middleton as a shooter and just a basketball player on other teams he may look even better as he is overshadowed by the other 2.

I would like to see them find a legitimate shooting PG as they don't have that on the roster and some more spacers off the bench. Plumlee fits well with the up & down play of Giannis and Jabari, there are not a lot of outside shooting 5-men available and most of them like KAT, Porzingis, Turner and Jokic will not be let go from their teams anytime soon. (Young guys who could develop with the rest of roster)

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I would love to see if

I would love to see if somehow Bucks could move Monroe and get Noel from Philly. It does not have to a straight up Monroe for Noel trade but a 3 team deal that nets Bucks Noel would be great for this team.

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I really like the young

I really like the young players on the Bucks, I wanted my Jazz to get Maker ( but like what they did this offseason) guard line needs help , center iffy, I think they need some tweaking. Both Jabari and Gianni's should have improved years this year.

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I've seen fresh Jabari Parker

I've seen fresh Jabari Parker dunk footage recently, and he showed off hops that really surprised me. I always thought he had athleticism available, and just wasn't using it enough. Maybe hes about to unlock it now that he's healthier

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I am Very excited about the Bucks this upcoming Season

This team is Loaded w/ exciting young Talent.......

Jabari Parker has had a Full year to recover from the devestating Knee injury the sidelined his rookie season......

Players like Sam Dekker & Rashad Vaugh will hopefully emerge & reach Potential

Players like the Greek Freak, Khris Middleton & Greg Monroe will continue to Grow & Lead the Bucks into a New Era.....

I believe Jason Kidd is the Right Man for the Job & the Bucks are one of a handfull of Exciting young Teams ready for Prime Time --- I Luv it!

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Dekker is still in Houston

Dekker is still in Houston last I heard

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