Millsap for Bledsoe?

Jazz need a point guard desperately, with Jamaal Tinsley starting and Earl Watson as his back-up. Mo Williams is sidelined with an injury as well. The player that is most likely to get traded from the Jazz is Paul Millsap.

Clippers have been reported to likely trade Eric Bledsoe since he becomes a restricted free-agent this summer and a team is going to overpay for him, leaving the Clippers unlikely to match.

Why don't the Jazz trade Paul Millsap to the Clippers for Eric Bledsoe and fillers to make the trade work? Jazz free up time for Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors and Clippers get a back-up power forward and look to contend this year.

Win-win for both teams?

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Win for Jazz

Win Situation for the Jazz, they get rid of their frontcourt issue and get a PG for the future

Bad Move for the Clippers, short term and longterm. Millsap is a good player but with Blake/DeAndre/Lamar/Turiaf/Hollins in the frontcourt you already have a decent chance. Clippers are not going to trade Bledsoe unless Paul resigns with them. Also Bledsoe's the insurance for CP3 if he gets hurt or leaves via free agency. Bledsoe brings also the game changing quickness that sparks a team offensively and defensively.

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Clippers are going to have to

Clippers are going to have to give up Odom or Turiaf/Hollins to make the salary fit though.

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Hard to build a trade with

Hard to build a trade with the difference of salary between bledsoe and millsap... (maybe with odom's expiring contract but he could be usefull during the PO)

Don't think the clippers need millsap (a real 4) with their current roster. They should target a 5 (Jordan is terrible) or at least a 3 (butler is injury prone).

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Jordan is NOT

DeAndre Jordan is not terrible.... He's made strides this year, and is the perfect center for their roster. He's active, super athletic, a huge body, and they dont have to feed him. They dont need anything else. He's very serviceable for the Clippers team and the style they like to play.

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Clippers need depth at

Clippers need depth at center. If they move Bledsoe, they need to target bigs. As far as Jordan, yes he made strides, but he's not worth $10 million a year. They kind of had to make the deal because the clips finally were a contender. There were rumors of Jordan for Verajo before the injury. If they move Bledsoe, I think Odom would be packaged, $9 million expiring, to be able to bring back talent.

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Clips will wait until they

Clips will wait until they know for sure they have Chris Paul before they do anything with Bledsoe

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