Mike Scott considering CSKA Moscow

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Mike Scott considering CSKA Moscow

Cbs is reporting he is looking at a deal, but don't list terms. Let's say for the sake of argument it's for $6 mil per year with a house included and his agent thinks he can get him $3 mil per year in the NBA. If it was you would you take the money?

Putin is basically giving the double bird to every country but China. He also doesn't seem to consider the economic sanctions a problem. He is pushing the boundaries knowing that no one wants a war. If it was me, I wouldn't lock myself as an American in Russia for the next 3 years.

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I honestly don't think the state of current affairs affects and athletes decision. There has always been tension between Russia and the USA, and many American athletes have resided in Russia on proffesional contracts and vise versa. I think the money is the question.

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USA and EU have just put

USA and EU have just put severe sanctions on Russian basketball league. So no one knows now what will happen to it. Maybe this is some kind of joke from Obama since he is a basketball fan, like hime saying he won't let Russians enjoy basketball anymore.

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r u kiddin me?

r u kiddin me?

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