Mike miller

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Mike miller

Mike Miller who will probably retire after being waived by the Heat...old news I know. But.....I would just like to thank Mike Miller for his years. The heat truly needed him to win those 2 championships. The dude is a true baller who gives hope to white ballers all over America. Thank you Mike. Roll your trees with udonis and enjoy the good life retired in south beach.

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He will go down as a very

He will go down as a very underrated player because he will be most remembered for the end of his career with the Heat. He was the 5th overall pick in one of the weakest drafts ever in 2000. He probably had the best career of every player in that draft. Only Hedo Turkoglu ended up with more Win Shares than Miller and only Kmart, Michael Redd and Jamal Crawford are even close to him.

He averaged double digits every year of his career before he came to Miami with the exception of one year averaging 9.9 ppg. He was the 6th man of the year in 05-06 and the next year he averaged 18.5 for Memphis. He was a great rebounder as well averaging around 8 boards per 48 minutes and guys that can shoot and rebound like him are very rare. He was a tough guy and I will remember him as one of the best role players to ever play in the NBA.

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I'd forgotten just how solid

I'd forgotten just how solid an NBA player, Mike Miller was during his early years and he ended his NBA Miami stint on a great high. He is only 33 years old and has always looked after himself so could take veteran's minimum somewhere whilst enjoying his Miami pay off. The Spurs sprang to mind as a possible destination and a return to Memphis has been mentioned.

It might seem harsh Miami amnestying but he still gets his money and he was the next biggest contract behind the main one and the supporting two. Plus the only other amnesty options were Haslem who has been there 10 years and is a franchise legend plus probably a very close friend of D-Wade and Joel Anthony both of whom would have saved a lot less money for the team if they had been amnestied.

Plus the $6 million saving next year can go a long way towards giving LeBron an increased deal he merits.

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if he retires, does Miami

if he retires, does Miami still have to pay him?

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Mike Miller and undonis

Mike Miller and undonis haslem are who young guys should look to as role models, I loved the interview they did together after they won the NBA finals a month ago.

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The Heat will miss him. MM

The Heat will miss him. MM was clutch and he is a great floor spacer and facilitator. Also a legit 3.
An ideal 9th man or so in the playoffs.

I thought Haslem didn't do too well in the Finals. Played solid on D I guess but his stats were bad. I thought that it
was a bad matchup this year but he put up the same bad stats in last year's Finals.

Has anyone else ever won ROY, 6th man, and back to back titles?

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