Mike D'Antoni resigns

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Mike D'Antoni resigns

Just received notification via ESPN.

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I actually had to google it

I actually had to google it to see if he resigned (quit) or re-signed. Anyone else find it funny how those two words are so similar with completely opposite meanings? Anywho good for him, probably woulda got fired anyway.

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does he still collect the $4m

does he still collect the $4m he was due next year?

if not ,than dumb decision.

we all know he was going to get fired eventually.

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I don't rate him

In New York and LA, I attribute the following ratio's for the underachieving teams under his tenure.

50% Injuries

25% The players

15% The Management

10% D'antoni

That I'm giving D'antoni 10% show's that I don't rate him as a coach. But I did like his run in Phoenix, even if it didn't lead to a Finals appearance.

I truly believe those suspensions to Stoudamire and Diaw against the Spurs when Robert Horry hammered Nash in 2007 took away Phoenix's best chance at a title.

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The Mike D'antoni project was

The Mike D'antoni project was just a disaster for the Lakes. I think D'antoni is glad to not be coaching them anymore and Mitch Kupchack is glad to be rid of him. Just a bad situation on both sides. Who do the Lakers go after next? Do they throw tens of millions at Calipari?

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The college game is

The college game is completely different from the NBA. Calipari had a chance in the pros and he didn't do well, he's clearly an elite recruiter at the college level and he should stay there. Nothing personal.

D'Antoni's style is visually attractive and he can be succesful somewhere else like he was in Phoenix (maybe in the east where small ball lineups are the order of the day), but I think the Dwight experiment would have gone completely different if the Lakers had another coach.

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If they go the college route

If they go the college route they should go after someone young and hungry like Ollie or Shaka Smart.

Stay away from old guys like George Karl.

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They should at least see if

They should at least see if George Karl would be interested

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Dantoni is one of my favorite

Dantoni is one of my favorite coaches but he has been in some terrible situations. He he gets a better situation next time wherever that is.

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That's a shame. Feel bad for

That's a shame. Feel bad for him.

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He blows

Steve Nash was the only reason that offense ever worked. Nash was a privilege to watch and those teams were fun.

He doesn't coach any defense. You can't beat teams 130 - 126. Won't happen with JR Smith, Tyson Chandler, and the disaster in LA.

Kobe was an idiot for wanting D'Antoni and Nash on his team. It took away from a real offense. He shoudl've realized Nash was past his prime and that also Kobe is not a catch and shoot guy like Joe Johnson but needs space and ball handle time to take over games. Just terrible.

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^^^ Charles Barkley is that

^^^ Charles Barkley is that you???

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Anyone else think he has his

Anyone else think he has his eye on the Golden State job if Mark Jackson doesn't survive the playoffs?

Steph Curry is the closest thing the league has to Steve Nash and the team obviously has no problem playing run and gun, it could be very interesting.

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I don't think the Lakers

I don't think the Lakers would've done better with anyone else.

Still, it's good that next year, the coach won't feel as much pressure to give Nash minutes (if he could handle them), that it will be easier to convince Gasol to come back (for much less money and a reduced role hopefully), and there's a lesser chance Kobe derails the offense to do whatever he wants. Okay, the last one will probably happen regardless.

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No Win Situation

That was a tough go for Coach D. Nash and Kobe are injured and Howard walked. It was not the team he signed up to coach. In any event, it is probably better for all sides that he resigned. I am confident it was one of those mutual things and he collects some type of going away money.

So- who next?. Jeff Van Gundy and Karl will be considered, but I hope they don't go the re-tread route, unless it is......Jerry Sloan. I would love to see that in LA.

The Shaka Smart idea above is interesting too.

Lastly, memo to Mitch. Please do not think that Byron Scott or Derrick Fisher are the answer.

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