Mike Brown Rumors Not a Bad Thing for Cavs

Just weeks after Cleveland’s disappointing loss in the Eastern Conference Finals, rumors are starting to surface about a possible coaching change. All this talk is still premature, but as a Cavs fan I can tell you getting rid of Mike Brown might not be that bad of an idea. Cleveland’s days with Lebron might be numbered, and they’re going to need to make some moves to keep him around. Getting a new head coach would be a good way to start this off season.

If at any point during the season I was to tell you there would be a chance of Brown being fired later in the year, you’d call me crazy. Cleveland finished with the top regular season record in the NBA and Mike Brown won coach of the year. His regular season success still didn’t have him in the conversation of elite coaches like Phil Jackson, Jerry Sloan, or Rick Adelman, but his style worked well the whole year and his players never had a problem with him.

Cleveland starting off the post season 8-0, sweeping Atlanta and Detroit. They looked like the same team that dominated the first 82 games of this year and the NBA’s dream finals of Cavs vs Lakers looked fast approaching. Kevin Garnett was down and there was just no way the Magic had the talent to beat Cleveland in a seven games series, right?

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