Mickey Michell is a Buckeye!!!

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Mickey Michell is a Buckeye!!!

MM committed to Ohio State today. Not really a surprise, considering his brother is a standout freshman linebacker for the Buckeyes.

Mickey's also a decent QB, but he's supposedly giving up the sport to focus exclusively on basketball. Smart choice. Kid has a BRIGHT future.

He dropped in a lot of rankings because he was injured last year, but you can expect big things moving forward.

Mickey Michell Player Profile:

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Awesome get for the Buckeyes.

Awesome get for the Buckeyes. Even if he doesn't get back to the level that he was athletically before the ACL, he still has the instincts and skill to be a dynamite player. OSU's class of 2014 is top notch, one of the best so far. But what makes it special is that its a program building class full of guys who will likely be there for multiple years, so they will most likely be there to play with Mitchell, who although is class of 2015, has a mature body and game (because he's super old for his class) that can step right in and play a big role as a Frosh.

As a Illini fan and Michigan admirer, I'm kinda worried about what the Buckeyes are doing for 14-15.

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This is awesome

I'm so happy that I can see him compete in the B10. He is versatile and tough, the tough part fits right into the conference. I follow the B10 more than any other conference, so I am excited.

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He's really good.. I been

He's really good.. I been following his game

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