Michigan -Florida

With the game at HALFTIME Michigan is leading Florida 47-30...The Spartans got off to a RED HOT Start they led 13-0 to begin the game,before Yeguete hit a jumper at the 16:30 mark...Michigan led by as 24....Michigan is doing a great job of controlling the tempo...Florida hasnt run any plays for guard Kenny Boyten

Mitch McGary is out playing Florida bigs Pat Young & Eric Murphy,McGary has 8 pts,6 rbs,3 stls and a blk....

Florida is using a zone to stop Burke, Nick Stautkas is taking advantage of it, he has hit six 3 pointers and he has 19 points....

Florida went on a 11-2 run..To end the 1st Half..Maybe they'll make a game out of it....

Michigan was my pick to win it all...

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Lol, you mean Wolverines,

Lol, you mean Wolverines, right? Sparty is Michigan State

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yeah,michigan wolverines..hahahaha....im just so excited that its appearing that the ''wolverines'' might win..so far my bracket is flawless.....i get 5 grand if all of my final 4 picks make it...

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You have a flawless bracket?

You have a flawless bracket? Links or it didn't happen

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