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Michael Snaer

Meant to post this during the ACC tournament but never got around to it. What do you guys think of Florida state Michael Snaer? I ask because I'm not a fan but hearing quotes here and there about his talent and other nba qualities which I just don't see. He has an iffy jumpshot and is pretty athletic but thats about it.He was the man at FSU this year and was responsible from I think 4 game winners. Still not impressed. Anyway how do y'all feel?

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I think he'll be a poor man's

I think he'll be a poor man's Wes Matthews; streaky, confident and hard-working and productive, but never a star.

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He could maybe carve out a

He could maybe carve out a role as a defender. I like his strength and defensive ability, plus he has a pretty good shot. I doubt he'll get in the lane much as an NBA player, so continued work on his long range game is a must. 45-60 is probably his range, but I think he'll be a Keith Bogans type player, but I feel his handles aren't as good.

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He can be a good player, I

He can be a good player, I like the Wes Matthews comparison. He is probably better than he appears at FSU. Defense will assure him a spot in the league...he just needs to work on other aspects of his game.

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