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they gotta go with fab melo in the late first round that is if he is available

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a respected coach is what

a respected coach is what they need... they have all the tools to win the ring.

haslem miller battier chalmers jones anthony are all goor role players but you have to involve them more and create more play than just ISO on O, tough D on D...

that is only good for season but not enough for PO.

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thats true

but this team needs size and they should go with it in this draft , i feel pat riley should take over next year hes a great motivater that can deal with stars

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I've just got this feeling

I've just got this feeling that they are going to get Draymond Green, I always feel like a few players just have to go to some teams. I just have this odd hunch about four players: Green to the Heat, Acy to the Celtics, Tyshawn Taylor to the Raptors, and Robbie Hummel to the Clippers.

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Fab Melo? Don't they have

Fab Melo? Don't they have enough overweight players with no skills with Eddy Curry and Dexter Pittman?

Honestly, if Battier, Miller, Jones, and Chalmers could hit an open-three, they wouldn't be in the situation they're in now.

Their shooting this series:

  • Shane Battier: 1-12 (1-9 from 3PT)
  • Mike Miller: 3-9 (2-5 from 3PT)
  • James Jones: 2-10 (1-6 from 3PT)
  • Udonis Haslem: 2-11
  • Mario Chalmers (Game 1-2): 2-13

It's very difficult to win when your supporting cast shoots a total of 10-55.

And I'm talking about wide open jumpers when LeBron or Wade are doubled.

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They need to amnesty Mike

They need to amnesty Mike Miller, I know he's Lebron's friend, but with the limited cap space they have...he needs to go.

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Melo to Heat

I think Fab Melo would fit best in Miami, more than any other team. The Heat's need for a big man that can keep up with the rest of the team fits Fab Melo's role. He can move now that he dropped 30 pounds and is near 7'0 245. His post moves need work, but he can develop that over the years. Currently, Melo will give you defense and is great at converting alley oops. He won't be asked to score as much early in his career, so it's a win-win situation.

Plus, Center is the main need for Miami at this point. A big body that can grab boards and play defense. Melo can be that guy.

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i agree with joewolf, mike

i agree with joewolf, mike miller is horrendous and he's eating cap space

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I say

I say they should select a shooter or a bigman in the draft and then pick up the other in the free agency.

Jenkins should be on the Heat's rader, Jenkins would be strong in a catch and shoot role, he'd be a more than an adequate replacement for House.

Melo, Ezeli and even Aldemir (a bit of a reach) should be considered also.

Miller needs to be moved, he's the Heat's forth highest paid player, that is downright criminal considering how much care and attention the Heat need to take with their cap space. I'm sure somebody would take a paycut to join the Heat. In terms of bigmen, i don't believe Oden is the answer, the Heat's front line would be even more thin if he got seriously injured .Would Kaman take a paycut? Possibly, the other restricted free agent centers are rather suspect and the Heat wouldn't have enough cap space to compete with one of the un-restricted free agent centers.

Troy Murphy could be a solid addition, he fills both the needs of a shooter and a rebounder but he'd be a gamble considering the fact that he hasn't played at a good enough level for awhile now.

Ian Mahinmi would be a good option, 6'11, mobile and doesn't need the ball to be effective, however, they'll be other interested teams who would have a much more flexible budget than Miami.

For shooters,Steve Novak, Rasual Butler and Anthony Parker would be in the price-range. Unless a free agent took a paycut, the Heat are going to have to look for one-dimensional players and attempt amplify their strength, i'm not sure Erik Spoelstra can do that effectively yet.

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First round I would go for

First round I would go for doron lamb, in the second round move up and target henry sims.

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They don't need Melo. They

They don't need Melo. They need a scorer, not an interior defender. They already have a great interior defense, but none of their bigs other than Bosh can score much. I don't see what Melo can do that Joel Anthony can't. Perimeter shooters could also be an option.

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Fab would be a good fit, but

Fab would be a good fit, but I highly doubt he falls that far. Maybe they'll be able to trade their 2013 and 2014 first round picks to move up and select Fab, but if they stay put he probably won't fall to them.

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Subpar hit it right on the

Subpar hit it right on the head..They need an outstanding pure shooters like John Jenkins or Kevin Murphy to backup Wade....Drew Gordon is a good inside scorer,he's going to be a sleeper....Riley is said to be interested in Kamen..Oden is a wildcard,i doubt if he'll play next year..But he's exactly what they need......Bernard James or Melo might be there when they pick...Joel Anthony's defense is vastly overrated...

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