Miami Heat (3 max players?)

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Miami Heat (3 max players?)

So if you watched the draft earlier today you heard that if the miami heat can trade Beasley they could potentially sign three of the top free agents. So the first question is do you think they will be able to trade him and second if you were another team would you even want to take him and give the heat the chance to put together three top tier free agent all stars.

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Who are the next 9?

I think they can, but what would that leave them? They would need to find 8 or 9 decent players willing to play for the absolute league minimum. One rumor even had Mario Chalmers, the only remaining player under contract, getting traded to Toronto as part of a deal for Bosh.

Do these guys get you ready to start scheduling the championship parade?

Chris Wilcox
Nazr Mohammed
Louis Amundsen
Josh Powell
Tim Thomas
Marquis Daniels
Shannon Brown
Luther Head

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