Mexico wins Gold in FIBA Americas

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Mexico wins Gold in FIBA Americas

The Mexican National Team has topped Carlos Arroyo and the Puerto Ricans in the championship earlier today. Mexico's roster only had one player with NBA expierence (Gustavo Ayon) and still managed to win gold over teams with NBA players like Puerto Rico, Argentina and Canada.

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mexico has a better

mexico has a better basketball team right now than they do a soccer team!

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Ugh... don't remind me...

Ugh... don't remind me... SMH.

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But Mexico didn't even

But Mexico didn't even qualified in Centrobasket, and wins the Americas Championship? smh...
But what I can't really forget, is Brazil getting their a$$ kicked...

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It was a watered down field

It was a watered down field but that's still quite the accomplishment for Mexico, beating both Argentina and PR en route to the title.

Gustavo Ayon dropped 20/16 in the title game. This after dropping 24/12 in the semis vs Argentina. He also had games of 19/11 vs Canada, 19/10 vs Argentina in pool play and 22/18 vs Venezuela, all while shooting 58% from the floor for the entire tourney. Suffice to say, he was the tourney MVP.

I hope this next stop for him in ATL is a more fruitful one. He hasn't really gotten a shot since he's been playing on bad teams that were focused on developing young bigs. He's a solid, heady, hustle player, nice passer, who's a really good PnR big. It didn't surprise me at all that he was snatched up with the quickness once he was placed on waivers. Hopefully he gets more run with the Hawks or is traded to a contender. I think he can be a valuable big off the bench.

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