Memphis Tiger Point guards lead the way

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Memphis Tiger Point guards lead the way

Which Memphis Tiger freshman had more of an impact Derrick Rose or Tyreke Evans? If I had to pick I would have to say Rose because he got them to the championship game. On the other hand Reke has less talent around him than Rose did. So it's hard to say, they both played similar roles. Also what postion do you guys think Evans will play when he goes pro? Will he be a combo guard or just straight up one postion.

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I would take Rose, more of a

I would take Rose, more of a true point and he really raises the play of his team when he has too. He can beat you with his scoring and passing, Tyreke isn't nearly as efficient, has worse vsision and definitely not as good of a passer. Rose could take anyone off the dribble too, Tyreke can do it to a lot of guys in college but Rose is special.

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Yeah I'll take Rose he more develop than Evans at this point in the season. Defensive wise evans cuz he's got long arms and cause more defections but Rose is the real deal. Evans will be more of a combo guard until finds a position. I hope he doesn't come out this year cuz he'll be top 5 next year and developed and talkin bout national champs in 2010 wit the beast Cousins who will be a top 5 prospect too.

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Id take rose

I take rose because he is just a special player. But let me change gears 4 a moment. Wat everyone needs 2 think about is rose was a pure point his whole life. It had 2 be easier for him to play the role he played while in high school. Tyreke on the other hand wasnt a pure point and was jus a scorer converted to the point. He still has the shoot first mentality(not a bad thing). And i dont see tyreke as being a pg in the nba. He will have 2 be a combo guard

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truth me guy..rose is better

Derrick rose has a chance to revolutionize the way point guards play the game...he is the most explosive player at point guard in the league easily in my opinion and he is probably the strongest too.a jumper away from being the best point guard in the league,a future hall of famer. Evans isn't on rose's level,not even close honestly.

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