Memphis Grizzlies high on Lester hudson says glen carver 2day on radio

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Memphis Grizzlies high on Lester hudson says glen carver 2day on radio

With there second pick hudson will be perfect in my opinion especially backing mayo off the bench yal should go with Hudson he is complete and ready to play

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I agree 100% with that move, I'm very high on hudson and think he has a chance to be a big time sleeper this year. Undersized but the kid can BALL
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hudson is really way under

hudson is really way under the radar,he'll have to play pg in the nba and i'm not sure if can handle the point,that's the only thing that's holding him down,he's a creative scorer,he was rather prolific scorer at college and he's got well rounded game,but he won't be that good at the nba level,from the pg standpoint he's got more than a 3 to per game and he isn't that good of a passer,he could struggle with nba three at times but he should be fine,his decision making and ball control are not so good from the pg standpoint,and he can get in love with three while he excels as a slasher,but he's got good mid range game,and it seems that he's always looking for his own shot,there's a lot of question marks above him and his potential is not that good,but he's good enough to get drafted,just not so high

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Why would you draft him so high? you could use the lottery pick on a waayy better player at point guard or another team need or just trade down to get him. He is likely to get picked by a championship contender (which is a team in the 20-30 range) so just trade down if you want him.

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I think that you could get

I think that you could get him late in the second or just pick him up after the draft. He is good but not proven.

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Deneme thank editor again

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