A Memphis and Minnesota trade

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A Memphis and Minnesota trade

I was think about this deal and how it would be a good fit for both teams

-Kevin Love
-6th pick
-28th pick
-Rodney Cardney
-possible future 1st rounder, with some protection
-OJ Mayo
-2nd Pick

-1st off I realize these teams swapped Love and Mayo last year, but this deal makes sense.

Memphis gets a pf that can start, rebound, score, and stretch the D, then with the 6th pick they will able to get a sg like Evans(played at memphis, fav of the fans) the 28th pick to pick another young player(taj Gibson, Sam Young??) along with with Cardney who is athletic and long on the wing, with a futre 1st rounder

As for Minny, they get an outside scorer in Mayo, to play with Jefferson, and move foye to the pg, or be a 6th man that can score(get to that later)Now with the 2nd pick you can add Thabeet to alow Jefferson no move back over to pf, where he should play, and Thabeet gives you length, shot blocking, rebounding, and defense, to make a very formidble frontcourt for years to come. Now Minny has the 18th pick as well, with this draft being so deep at the pg spot, they could elect to take one here and be a natural pg, and move foye to 6th man, because Foye isn't a natural pg, he's a combo guard, and would give them scoring off the bench. Or they could elect to another wing player and stick with foye at pg.
anyways for the t'wolves, if they make this deal they could set themselves up to redeem themselves from the blunders they have made in the past, possibly.

biggest problem for this trade here, is that Memphis is basicallly trading Mayo for Evans, and Mayo is proved he can play while Evans has yet to play, sooo yea tht could pose as a problem, also memphis would much rather have jefferson thena love to make this deal work, but I was just putting my gm hat on.

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Trade Mayo? Ha

Trade Mayo? Ha. Worst trade ever. Why would Memphis do that?

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Very interesting post but I

Very interesting post but I don't think that trade would happen. It's a bit too much.

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is the face of the Franchise for Memphis believe it or not and there isn't a chance he is traded.

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Trading Mayo

I don't think they would do that right now because he is way too good and he is locked in on rookie contract. Keep him maybe their team gets better and you can resighn him when the rookie contracts up. No way they trade Mayo now. Unless they are getting Jefferson.

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Cant happen

Unless both teams have make each others picks all day long this trade can not happen. You cant Trade back a player for one year per league rules. That being said it wont go down unless it is a day AFTER the draft, and the teams are picking the players for each other and that in not very possible or practical

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no way it will

no way it will happen

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uhh, swap gay for mayo, could that work?, just spit ballin

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trading gay or mayo fir love

trading gay or mayo fir love is simply out the question if u ask me
a memphis fan

i say keep the core

conley mayo gay and gasol
if we can grab charlie v or milsap from free agency and grab the black birdman sean williams from NJ for a future 2nd rounder

in the draft take harden who can play 1, 2 or 3

keep the bench as so darko, williams, warrick, ross, harden, maybe miles since we can probably keep him for close to nothing

thats a decent team there if ur asking me

thats a starting 5

charlie v or milsap

darko(until he can be traded)

u may knock williams
but he would be the shot blocking presence of thabeet
without having to use the #2 pick and he's still young
with the running team that the grizzlies are he will score here and there too

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bad for memphis, was thinkin more for Minny's sake

yea, I was playing with this more for minnesota, yea if i were memphis i wouldnt do this deal unless u got big al instead, but i was tryin to think, b/c memphis needs a pf, but yea, this trade not gonna happen

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that's crazy y whould be stupid carney is fa and is not for trade

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terrible terrible trade.

terrible terrible trade. memphis giving up mayo AND the #2? hell no

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The chances of you dropping

The chances of you dropping to your knees and blowing me senseless are greater than OJ Mayo going to Minnesota. Get serious dude.

The fact that you think love is better for memphis than mayo is a joke. Go back to watching your white boy college basketball. Bill Walton won't be back any time soon buddy.

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