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Since Memphis got swept by Spurs last nite. What should they do next year about the Lionel Hollins cause he could be on move & there roster move for next season???

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Helluva run by the Grizz. I

Helluva run by the Grizz. I hope they re-sign Allen because he's gonna have a lot of suitors this summer. Bench looks pretty solid to. Maybe a better backup small forward would be nice due to Prince getting up in age. Whatever they do, I wish them the best.

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Okay was just about to post about Memphis

What do they about Hollins, there is word he's being pursued by other teams, I think they keep their Head Coach honestly...

A bigger question is what do you do about Zac Randolph??? He is not getting younger and he takes up a lot of cap space, could they try to trade him to Team X for Players X, Y and Z???

Tony Allen is a Free Agent, do you resign him? Can you find a player to step into his role on the cheap (Corey Brewer) ???

Bayless and Davis??? Do you think they become part of the bigger picture now???

Darrell Arthur??? Is he better off on another team???

Can the Grizzlies trade into the lottery for a Starting Sg prospect??? KCP, Shabazz or other???

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I believe that the Grizz

I believe that the Grizz should keep Hollins. He is a very good coach and the Grizz have gotten better each year with him as coach I believe.

They need to keep Tony Allen cause he really is the heart of that team and gives them an identity.

I say get a better SF though yet I still agree with the decision to trade Gay.

The Randolph conundrum is interesting because he really no showed in the finals and showed that he has a hard time hitting clutch free throws. He is another year older with a big contract. I believe they should keep him but I would have no problems if they fielded offers for him.

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Memphis FAILED TO ACQUIRE ENuff in the Rudy Gay trade...If you're going to get rid of your top offensive player, you should at least try to fill in the biggest hole in your team and that was outside shooters.....The 4 guys they got back in the trade combined for 10 points and 6 rebounds in game 4.....

I Kept telling people that even though Memphis played well after the trade,things would change when teams start turning up their defense in the playoffs..Memphis offense is predictable and slow..And Popovich figured it out and used it to perfection....The Spurs showed no respect for the Grizzlies perimeter players and double and sometimes tripled teamed Randolph.....Rudy wasnt a top 10 player,but teams still respected him enuff to double team him...

Both Hollins and Tony Allen have to be re-signed.....If its left up to GM Chris Wallace they'll return..But nobody knows what to expect from the new owner,becuz he's not a great communicator....

Ed Daviswhom i felt should've been used more in the series, can be a starter somewhere..Davis has the talent to average 14pts/8rb...Maybe they can use him to go after a shooting guard in the draft or in a trade....

Mike Dunleavy would be good on this team,he can create his own shot and he's a very good shooter...Dunleavy shot 42% beyond the arc....

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Ross + Calderon

They should insist on Terrence Ross in Rudy Gay trade and keep Calderon instead of Prince. After the end of this season they would have a lot of cap space with Calderon's contract expires. They don't need Davis. Now they have logjam at PF and have Prince at SF who doesn't solve their problems but still has two years contract (not so cheap, 7.2 and 7.7 million $)

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Should have never traded Gay

Should have never traded Gay

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If they knew they were going

If they knew they were going to try to move Gay they should have tried to keep for his offensive play making ability.

But for next year...

I think you must keep Allen, he's the heart and soul of that team and though he's limited offensively he's the best perimeter defender in the league. I'm a Bayless fan, but he's streaky and they need a pure shooter on that team next to him and Quincy to sure up the bench. Reddick will most likely be asking for too much money and he doesn't fit defensively but he Randy Foye and Kyle Kover could be options there. Dorrell Wright, Marco Belinelli and Carlos Delfino also fit the bill.

Arthur has an underrated midrange game that Ed Davis doesn't have so I'm not sold on Ed taking over the first big off the bench role just yet.

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Actually we didn't acquire ANYTHING in the Rudy Gay trade. On Facebook I compared the Rudy Gay trade to the Hawks when the traded Dominique Wilkins for Danny Manning. The central division leading Hawks acquired a solid all-around forward in Manning, but lost their premier go-to scorer and a guy who could get a shot on anyone. Nique was also a decent rebounder and drew a ton of attention from opposing defenses. Well, the Hawks failed to get to the Finals (or even the conference finals), and have not had a marquee player since. With Jordan in retirement that was the Hawks' best chance to make a championship run. They failed.

I think our trade was similar. Rudy Gay has some deficiencies but he can score with anyone, make clutch shots, rebound well, and play some solid defense. He was also our best athlete who could dunk and block shots pretty well, too.

I thought the Speights/Ellington trade/salary dump was fine. Jon Leuer is a project it seems like, but after we traded some of those guys, we played Tony Wroten more, we played Hadadi more, and we signed Chris Johnson as a cheap 3 point shooter. We still had the Big Four, Tony Allen at the 2, with Pondexter and Bayless as the main reserves. DA has been shaky all year (to say the least) but Rudy could have played the stretch four spot with the second unit. HH is a decent back up center (that we don't have now). Leuer is more of a 4 so I think he could have split time with DA in the backup power forward spot.

After the first trade we were under the cap, and if we had to do another deal we could have traded Darrell Arthur's $3 million contract to a team for a cheaper player (we probably would have had to throw in a 2nd round pick or two as well). Then we could have picked up a free agent big man (power forward) at the deadline. Whoever the Keyon Dooling of backup bigs is.

The key this year actually was Pondexter. At the beginning of the year we were on fire. Then Pondexter got hurt at we struggled. He had a very solid playoffs and a great series against the Spurs. He is now our best wing player and should start now over Tay Prince (if we don't trade Prince).

I am hearing some things that make it sound like we will trade Z Bo this offseason. That could alienate the fan base. Especially if we don't resign Coach Hollins and get a decent replacement.

Bayless may or may not be back. I am not holding my breath on him coming back. If he doesn't then we not only need more depth at the 3, we also need another combo guard scorer off the bench.

If we let Randolph and Hollins go, the we HAVE TO SIGN Tony Allen. I would like to get him for $4 or less but I can see some teams throwing more money at him. I would rather give him an extra year at a slightly discounted rate than to risk him walking.

I think we need to shop DA if we can get a second round pick and an expiring contract back. If not, we should keep him since I think he will be better if he gets some rest.

We need to draft a small forward. If Reggie Bullock is there we have to get him. If Z Bo and Tony Allen stay, but Bayless leaves we still have a nice core of Gasol, Randolph, Conley, Tony Allen, and Quincy Pondexter, but they have little room for error and still are a few players short of a legit contender.

I would look at Seth Curry even if Bayless resigns. He is a shooter with range, who might be able to handle the ball enough sometime down the road.

If we want a true backup point guard then Peyton Siva would work. I am not sure if Hollins would play Tony Wroten enough.

We also really need a backup for Gasol.

Next year if everyone came back, I would start Pondexter at the 3, and use Tay Prince as a point forward with the second unit, who can also post up some and spread the floor for jumpers.

It looks like the main contenders for the Western Conference crown next year will be the Thunder and the Spurs. The Grizzlies will be somewhere with the rest of the West: Clippers, Lakers, Warriors, Rockets, and Nuggets.

It will be an interesting offseason for the Memphis Grizzlies.

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Get a wing player that can

Get a wing player that can create their own shot and score some buckets...I didn't like the idea of getting rid of Gay especially for what they got in return, but I understand it was probably a good move for cap and chemistry reasons. Hopefully E.D. pans out for them as a good rotational big...but they lack some scoring punch from the wing. I love Tony Allen to death...but the dude can't shoot...

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It'll be interesting with

It'll be interesting with Lionel Hollins, because Hollinger is making the decisions there now, isn't he? He's obviously a huge proponent of sabermetrics and stuff, whereas Hollins absolutely hates them.

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Very interesting! Hollinger

Very interesting! Hollinger versus Hollins. Sabermetrics versus Old School. Should be an interesting off season for Memphis. Too bad they don't have a first round pick, there are some nice shooters who will be taken right around the end of the first round. A couple free agents that Memphis could use desperately are Martell Webster and Kyle Korver

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I really dont understand the

I really dont understand the talk of " ooo get rid of Randolph , his a year older/ his getting old " but whats the difference of Zach at 31 and Zach at 25.Not a whole lot . His game is based on post position, offense rebounds, touch around the rim and his strength. You may notice that even on his offense rebounds he barely leaves the floor.There was noone saying they should get rid of him when he manhandled the front lines of LAC and OKC.

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