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I believe MCW has the potential to be an All Star one day. Turnovers have been one of his struggles, and there's no doubt in my mind that with better scoring big men than he had at Syracuse he could be a double double machine. I believe that he may have lost some faith with the Bigs he had and tried to compensate for it, which led to his high turnover rate. His defense and rebounding is above average for sure. And although his shot is below average, he does have scoring potential. He will be capable of a triple double any game.

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I've said it before

I trust no one from Boeheim's program as NBA level talents. Seriously, the only non-busts out of there have been Melo and (to a lesser degree) Derrick Coleman. It's still too early to tell with Waiters, but seriously. I wouldn't touch anyone from that program with a 39 and a half foot pole

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FireKahn, you have to do


you have to do your scouting in an efficient way...i think its more Boeheim making his players look better than they really sound kinda bitter (im guessing your a Twolves fan) could say the same thing about a lot of programs.

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As a Cuse fan I've watched

As a Cuse fan I've watched every game that MCW has played the last two years, and I can confidently say he will never ben an All-Star. He had some great games this year but he was wildly inconsistent. His best games were the ones when he racked up the assists, and too often he tried to force shots. He can't shoot and has trouble finishing in the lane. If he sticks to just being a great passer then I think he can be a very good starter. But I don't see him as an All-Star. There are just too many holes. Hopefully I'm wrong about that though I'd love to see him succeed.

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Even if he pans out into a

Even if he pans out into a decent player, who is MCW gonna bump to make the all star team in the next decade? hes gotta fight through a crowd of guys who've already proven themselves. Paul, Westbrook, Rose, Wall, Rondo, Irving, Curry, Dwill, Lillard.

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I feel like MCW went from

I feel like MCW went from overrated to underated very quickly. @KLEB made a good point in him losing faith in his big men causing him to force things, thats when things started going downhill.

He does a little bit of everything with a special talent in his vision. Sometimes he tries to make the 'highlight' play and turns it over but more often than not it was because the bigs couldn't handle his passes. He is a ball hawk on defense and while he may take risks that will be exposed in the NBA, he will hopefully learn when it is a good time to take these risks. If he gets starter minutes ever in his career he will be in the tops in the league in steals with his length and good first step.

My biggest worry is his shooting, he is not a very good shooter for a guard to begin with and had bad shot selection on top of that. It seemed like when he should attack he passed and when he should of passed a lot of times forced shots (I feel this is also partly because he didn't trust his big men to hold onto the ball...Keita & Christmas especially).

His frame makes him a unique talent and with the right coaching I think he can be an All Star one day. I think when all is said and done he will be the best point guard in the draft. I like Burke as a prospect but feel he is being overrated a little. He has a much more complete offensive game but thats it and with correct coaching even MCW's offensive game has a higher ceiling.

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In my opinion, he's the best point guard in the draft and feel his talents translate to the NBA more so than college. As far All Star ranking, it's difficult to predict that with so many great point guards in the NBA. But I think he will be better than Burke who to me is Kemba Walker 2.0.

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