McLemore with 19 pts in the 1st half

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McLemore with 19 pts in the 1st half

He also only had 7 shots. That's ridiculous efficiency.

God I hope he ends up on the Bobcats, we need someone who can score on command like this.

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9 FTs in the first half is a

9 FTs in the first half is a great sign from him. He NEEDS to be more aggressive. Way too athletic to be camped out at the 3 point line all game long.

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He's good, but I think he

He's good, but I think he also needs to go to the right system. If the team has a great system that runs continuity and involves a lot of player movement and off-the-ball screens, he'd be perfect. If it's an iso heavy team, flat 1-4's, simple spread-the-floor middle PnR heavy offense with bigs who don't set good screens, then he could get lost in the shuffle. He moves beautifully off the ball, but it is by design.

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36 pts in 15 shots, thats pretty damn good!

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B Mac is the truth. Number 1

B Mac is the truth. Number 1 pick easy

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But McLemore, 20, is not a

But McLemore, 20, is not a natural fit for the large stage. He is a reluctant star who continues to hear that he defers far too much and lacks killer instinct. Even his role model, 26-year-old brother Keith Scott, calls him from a maximum-security prison in Mineral Point, Mo., to implore McLemore to be more assertive, to carry his team like everyone knows he can.

Unlike many of today's top players, McLemore was not showered with adulation or anointed a future star from the time he was an adolescent. Rather than obsess over national player rankings, phenom camp invitations or third-party handlers, McLemore focused on more fundamental concerns amid one of the poorest urban communities in Missouri: finding food.

Says McLemore: "It's hard to play basketball when nothing is inside of you."

The smallest home on Wellston Avenue is where McLemore, the second youngest of Sonya Reid's six children, calls home. On a mid-February afternoon, children step off a yellow school bus in front of an abandoned building. So many stray dogs roam the neighborhood that a teenager asks a visitor if he is from the animal control department.

McLemore says on any given night as many as 10 relatives, including siblings, nieces and a nephew, would sleep inside his home, which is smaller than 600 square feet. The home's only bed had three legs, with the other corner supported by a pile of books.

He won't forget the feeling of waking up knowing there was no food or beverage in the refrigerator, with none on the way those days. He says at times he would go one or two days with no food.

"It's a hard feeling — just starve," McLemore says. "Dang, what are we going to do? Dang, how are we going to eat? How are we going to put food on the table?"

When the family did not have hot water, McLemore remembers one nightly routine: Fill the bathtub with cold water. Heat up bowls of water in the microwave, then run them to the bathtub to make the tub water lukewarm for baths. The warmth never lasted, he says.

All the while, McLemore vowed that he one day would give family members all the meals, heat and housing they wanted, and one day he would return to his impoverished community to rebuild playgrounds and help erect community centers.

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that was a great display of

that was a great display of some well rounded offensive skills by mclemore today. three pointers, mid range jumpers, a few drives to the hoop...getting to the line, he did it all. set the KU single game scoring record for a freshman breaking danny manning's 35. this was his third game like this, high efficiency shooting and scoring 30 or more but all of those games have been at home. if he can take that kind of performance on the road or to a neutral site to go along with jeff withey's play (14 pts 10 reb 9 blk today) and the recently better play of elijah johnson (12 pts 5 reb 10 ast today) KU could be playing deep into the tourney.

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Is distancing himself from the other players for sure. He has convinced me he is the #1 pick.

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This guy is head and

This guy is head and shoulders above Shabazz Muhammad now. I was watching the UCLA game last night, he didn't do anything that stood out to me. I don't see how Shabazz fans can argue he is the better prospect any longer now

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This is his 3rd game of 30+

This is his 3rd game of 30+ ppg and in those 3 games he shot a combined 77% from the feild. Two of those were against NCAA tournament caliber teams. The dude can get hot, no doubt about that and he was in a mini 4 game slump prior to this so, this could be a good sign for him finishing the season strong. I would love to say McLemore is the consensus #1, I feel he still needs to assert himself more on the offensive end as far as taking over.

He such a good shooter, he can be a guy who doesn't miss from time to time and a guy who runs in transition and disrupts defenses. His potential is immense, but for me to view him, honestly, as the #1. He needs to really assert himself from this point on. Dropping 36 after a couple 7 point games will hopefully do wonders for his confidence.

Otto Porter is quietly rising up as a contender for the first pick IMO. He racked up 28/8/2/3/4 again last night and after his 33 point outburst against Syracuse is playing inspired basketball lately.

This is just a tough draft class, because I expect a lot from a #1 pick. Ben hasn't quite sold me, but then again, neither has anyone else. I've entertained Noel (pre-injury) Zeller, Smart, Mohammad, Porter, and Ben and ahltough some have dropped out of contention, IMO, no one has really risen up. Then again, the NCAA tournament is around the corner and everyone I mentioned will be playing in the Big Dance. I'm really looking forward to this year's March Madness.

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It is going to be a crazy

It is going to be a crazy year and I think a lot movement among the top prospects could take place come March. Guys like Smart, Shabazz, Porter, McLemore, Zeller and Oladipo could all make or break their chances to be top 3 picks with their performances in their conference tourneys and of course the BIG DANCE.

I have been really high on Porter as well and although he seems like too much of a glue guy to go 1st overall I don't know of anyone I would prefer to have on my team. His shot has improved a ton and he is now asserting himself on offense and putting up some nice scoring #'s. He really reminds me of Nic Batum and that isn't really a guy you think of as a comparison for a first overall selection but it is a weird year. Batum is under the radar and probably a top 5 SF in the league and is still improving. He is a very efficient scorer and an elite defender.

I really like the potential of McLemore and that could lead him to be a #1 overall selection but I think Porter is going to be a more consistent player. I think the defensive effort that Otto plays with gives him a higher floor even though McLemore has the higher ceiling and probably the highest ceiling of any prospect.

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I missed the game where can I

I missed the game where can I watch highlights?

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