McHale takes shot at 'clowns' in the NBA

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McHale takes shot at 'clowns' in the NBA

Kevin McHale is looking for a few good men, a theme he hit hard recently when asked about his own evolution as a coach. "We've got to get these guys willing to fight for each other and go out there and fight for the win. Whatever it takes to make that happen, they'll do it. Again, that is not the sexy, 'Oh you're in the NBA, you get paid.' That's why half these clowns in this league don't win anything. They don't realize that it comes down to how hard you're willing to fight for each other. It's your team. How hard are you willing to fight for it? ... Because the answer is: Whatever it takes. When you have a team that says, 'I'll do whatever it takes to win,' you're moving in the right direction."

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