McDunkin Media News Network breaking report: Paul George Reportedly Caught Sleeping with Roy Hibbert’s Wife?

The Indiana Pacers found themselves schooled by the up-and-coming Washington Wizards in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference semifinal playoff series on Monday. The Pacers, which had been super dominant early in the season, suddenly look like a team on a free-fall. Now, a latest rumour circulating in the Internet could be the key to finding out the Pacers' implosion. And it apparently involves two superstars caught in an infidelity controversy.

Baller Alert reported on Monday that a follower told them about an alleged cheating going on between All-Star wingman Paul George and center Roy Hibbert. The report claimed that George was caught sleeping with Hibbert's wife or fiancée. The source on Baller Mail claimed the infidelity within the Pacers locker room have really affected the psyche of Hibbert, who has been playing the worst stretch of his basketball career this postseason. Moreover, the same issue also ignited the reported scuffle between Lance Stephenson and Evan Turner in the middle of the Pacers' first round series with the Atlanta Hawks.

"Do you remember when Lance Stephenson and Evan Turner got into that fight? It was all over Roy Hibbert and Paul George. Lance has been getting all the blame for the Pacers off nights and during that day at practice Lance says 'y'all need to look at Roy's ass, he's been off ever since he found out PG was f****** his b****',"

the source stated in his Baller Mail on Baller Alert. "That's when Evan got mad at him for exposing that in front of everybody and that sparked the fight. Roy just walked away without saying anything but ever since then it's been a bigger downfall in his performance on the court." "

I don't know for sure, but that might also be the connection to PG's house getting broken into because all of a sudden now he doesn't want investigators involved. Supposedly PG and Hibbert's wife have been carrying on through instagram for a while before they ended up having sex. She felt guilty and told Hibbert and that's how he found out originally. It's bad because PG and Hibbert were really friends." Validity of the Report

The report indicated that the woman involved was not really Hibbert's wife or fiancée, but was merely a jump off of the NBA star. However, the Pacers center was reportedly not happy with George's actions, which might have probably caused the team's collapse as of late. This is not the first time George is rumoured to be involved in this kind of issue. Several months ago, the Pacers star was also reported to have impregnated a Miami stripper while dating Doc Rivers' daughter and falling prey to a catfish scandal. Whether or not this latest news is true, the Pacers have to get their acts together or else early vacation is upon them.

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They don't even know if

They don't even know if Hibbert is married? I don't think I buy it. Seems like pure gossip.

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If I was Hibbert and that

If I was Hibbert and that happened to me. I would beat Paul George to a Pulp.

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somehow delonte west must be

somehow delonte west must be involved...

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These girls ain't loyal.

These girls ain't loyal. Lol

Maybe she saw the collapse coming and wanted to be relevant.

Seriously though, it sounds fake because it doesn't sound like man behavior but this life is all these guys know. It wouldn't surprise me if this did happen. Roy seems like the type that would struggle with this kind of situation. Psychologically he's a little weaker than most,

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yawn..this has been posted

yawn..this has been posted like five times already.

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This was a huge storyline way back.

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Basketball, Beef, NBA, Sports. trackback

Jason Kidd Jim Jackson In the first edition of Beef, we go way back to the early 90′s when the Dallas Mavericks had three young stars that were destined to do great things together. Jason Kidd, Jamal Mashburn, and Jim Jackson were faces of the future for the Mavs and the NBA. Kidd was the run and gun point guard with great vision and a knack for hitting the open man. Mashburn was the smooth forward that seemed to do everything well and Jackson provided the deadly shooting from the perimeter and 3-point range. Unfortunately, two of the “Three J’s” just couldn’t get along and soon had Beef. The rift between Jason Kidd and Jim Jackson became a well publized beef in the media. Kidd and Jackson never seemed to mesh well on the court, but many think that the beef may have started off the court. Kidd and Jackson were rumored to have been dating singer Toni Braxton at the same time. The story goes that Braxton came to a hotel that the Mavericks were staying at to pick up Kidd for a date, but left with Jackson. Something like this could very well cause beef between teammates that never really got along in the first place. While both Kidd and Jackson denied the whole ordeal, Braxton kept the rumors circulating, as she never really denied or confirmed the rumors. Kidd would later demand a trade in an attempt to get away from Jackson and was shipped out to Phoenix. Jackson would also leave Dallas, but would later become a journeyman in the NBA. Was the Toni Braxton ordeal the real source of the problem between Jason Kidd and Jim Jackson, or did they simply just not like each other? We may never know, but one thing is for sure… Jason Kidd and Jim Jackson had BEEF.

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Wizards in 5

Wizards in 5

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Yo this is McDunkin you're

Yo this is McDunkin you're talking to  photo 3F0C7FED-5385-4A59-8185-C949E3412C6D_zpsrdk3rgtg.jpg

Wizkid going for the wiz kids thats great.

1. If this is true PG will be the first winner of the Corey Fisher "dirty teammate" award since Corey himself won it.

2. Cheating on Doc Rivers fine daughter is the real wrongdoing...I'm here for you boo  photo tocry_zps360e7bdc.png

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I heard about this a few months ago, through different media outlets but it was never reported that it was Roys gf or wife. they just said PG had slept with one of the stars on the pacers wife. I was gonna put it up on here but i know most of yall on this site dont believe rumors like this if it came from M.T.O especially.

With that said , if its true PG is disloyal and needs to start thinking with his other head and not the lower one.

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LOL! I never heard this story but I believe it purely based on Hibbert's sad looking expression and complete lack of willingness to help the team. He seems like a big, sensative giant with a big heart. It also seems like something Lance Stephenson would say.

Now I don't want to generalise about all NBA player's girlfriends, but I'm thinking they're almost always extremely hot and quite a few of them are attracted to the fame, money and lifestyle as much as the player.

So if a guy with a big heart like Hibbert falls for one of these hoochies, and she decides she wants to roll with a bigger star (George), it could easily affect the team chemistry.

Paul George sounds like Wilt Chamberlain 2.0!

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Cheat on Gordon Hayward's

Cheat on Gordon Hayward's sister instead PG. Or Landry Field's fiance.. She FINE!!

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Dixie Utah

I thought they were having 3somes with a groupie from Utah named Dixie.

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