McDonalds Game

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McDonalds Game

Anyone know where I can find the box score to last night game?

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You can view it at the

You can view it at the official site here.

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So glad you made this thread

So glad you made this thread because I was on the hunt for the longest.

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Why did I get -12 for my last comment?

I priased the kid but I said he lacks elite athleticism.

I said he is already a very smart kid for pairing up with Larry Brown to develop his game and further learn to play the right way. The kid knows how to ball. He plays smart ball., like I care!

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Because of the athleticism comment

It's because you're underselling his athleticism. But, I also noticed that no one replied to your comment to voice their own opinion. If people are going to give negs, they should at least leave a comment, so I see why you'd be annoyed. You're gonna get more negs now though, because complaining about negs only gets you more negs.

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Its because his athleticism

Its because his athleticism is the best part of his game at this point.

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OK, I did not watch, but did Kevon Looney pull down 11 boards in 11 minutes? Yes, it is an all star game and kids are jacking up shots every few seconds, but that is still impressive to me.

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It was one of the more sloppy

It was one of the more sloppy McDonalds All-American games I'd seen in a while. A lot of missed lob attempts and bad attempts and obviously poor shot selection. Overall not very impressed with this yeas class.

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I was not impressed either

But I hate those games. Dont tell you much. Rather watch them in NCAA play.

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You're not impressed because

You're not impressed because no one was flashy. No one had it easy. Most defense displayed in one of these all-star games from start to finish in a while. Scouts have been saying it's been one of the most competitive McDonald's games when it comes to players going at each other in practice each day.

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