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Do you think he will be successful in the league? The guy has tremendous scoring ability with efficiency, he is also very crafty. I think this guy can score in as many ways as Dirk Nowitzki, I'm not saying that they have the same game, but they both can fill it up inside, middle, and from deep in their own crafty way.


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yes.......all star? not a snowball's chance in hell.

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You know what I think?

He's an extremely smart scorer, that's for sure, and he can fill it up if you give him space.

The problem is that college defenders are very different from those in the NBA. They're much more athletic, and can stay in front of you. Unless he gets a screen, I'd say that he might struggle to get free of his man to make it to the basket. That's not to say he couldn't finish. He'll still make it from close given a lane to drive

His defense is still lacking. While there's no shortage of effort, the limitations are evident. He'll struggle to guard more athletic forwards, so I doubt he'll be starting. But if he improves from terrible to just below average (a la Steve Novak), he'll stick in the league.

He can still shoot it though, and that will be his calling card in the league for a long time. I'd envision him as a catch-and-shoot type player, running through screens and draining shots from deep. As long as he maintains his consistency, he'll be a valuable contributor.

You know who I'd think he'd be? Jason Kapono (when he was good) if he could finish inside. Come on, his game just screams it.

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I think he can make it. He

I think he can make it. He has to go to the right team, but I think he could be a pf in the league who eventually transitions to the perimeter. He lacks the length to be a good post defender, so he will probably have to come off the bench, but he has a real nose for the ball and is very fundamentally sound, so he could be passable on defense with the right lineups. He should actually be a very solid rebounder.

On the offensive end, where he will make his money, he will have to transition to being more of a pick and pop, perimeter oriented guy. He will be able to get some buckets down low, but not like he did in college.

I see a little Ersan Ilyasova to his game, although Ilyasova is 2-3 inches taller than McDermott, which is a significant advantage. I hope McDermott gets drafted by a team like the Spurs or the Mavs, teams that generally like stretch 4s and accommodate unique players.

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dude has size and he can

dude has size and he can stroke it. He will stick in the league for a long time, but probably not as anything more as a specialist bench piece. No shame in that. the league is trending toward smaller line ups and guys who can stretch the floor are always valuable. This isn't a name that gets tossed around much, but he reminds me of Detlef Scrempf with a little less skill as a passer. Detlef was a starter for a long time, and was the third scorer on the GP/Kemp/George Karl era Sonics, who were a damn good team.

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His perimeter game is more

His perimeter game is more polished and he doesn't throw up as awkward of shots but he reminds me of antawn jamison.

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Jamison is a much better

Jamison is a much better rebounder

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i said it before he is a better shooter than Jamison College wise and yes Jamison is a better Rebounder too, but McDermott is a good rebounder too not in Jamison lvl wise of course lol

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