Matthew Dellavedova (6'4 PG/St. Mary's)

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Matthew Dellavedova (6'4 PG/St. Mary's)

This young man has to be drafted!

Great size at the point, great facilitator, good shooter, and some of the best intangibles I've ever seen. Dude's all heart and deserves to be drafted!

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I see him as a 50th pick kind

I see him as a 50th pick kind of person in this weak draft class. He hustles, is a great leader, and knows his game. Also starting on the Australian national team definitely helps his stock.

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I was almost going to post a

I was almost going to post a similar thread. I figured after the Olympics it would be evident he can stand up against the elite competition. The Spurs have a bit of a link through one of the assistance to Australian/ AIS players, so perhaps they might pick him up late

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dellavedova struggles playing

dellavedova struggles playing against athleticism, he does have size and a good shot tho so he should get some looks.

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Coming off the 2012 Olympics,

Coming off the 2012 Olympics, I really had my eye on him due to his gained experience on the Australian national team, but I've been underwhelmed by his shot selection and overall play. He's a good facilitator for a combo, with nice size, but I feel he should be performing at a higher and more consistant level to be drafted. A nice run to finish the year could get him back on track, but I took him off my mock, for now. I had him in the 50's until early Jan.

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No way does he get drafted

No way does he get drafted

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