Matt Bouldin

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Matt Bouldin

Matt Bouldin needs to be included in next years mock draft. He's one of the smartest and craftiest players in the nation and he is gonna tear up the WCC next year. Heytvelt, Downs, and Pargo all deserved to be drafted this year in my opinion, but Bouldin will get drafted mark my words.

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possibly second round. He is good all around, but great at nothing. If guys like Dickau and Frahm did'nt make it in the league, I'm not sure what scouts will expect out of Bouldin. He is a good college player, but he does'nt have great athleticism, defense or shooting.

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He is a smart player

I was very impressed with his game all season. He is physically strong too. I don't believe he has the athleticsm to make it in the NBA. His IQ is very high though. Possible 2nd round pick, but I doubt it.

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He hasn't shown me much...He

He hasn't shown me much...He has to have a HUGE year if he wants to get drafted.

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Gonzaga players

Gonzaga players haven't had success in the NBA. Adam Morrison I thought(and the Bobcats) was gonna be solid player for years to come and now he's just warming the bench in street clothes. Heytvelt and Pargo were better NBA prospects in my opinion and they didn't get drafted. Austin Daye was a risky and controversial first pick so we'll see how that works out. The Zags haven't had a decent NBA player since the great John Stockton. I think Matt Bouldin is a good college player and should lead Gonzaga to another NCAA tourney bid but he would be fortunate to get picked in the second round.

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