"Master of Deception" 2014 Draft

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"Master of Deception" 2014 Draft

Who do you feel is the 1 player that has "fallen" off boards but will be right back on top where he belonged from the start, to make people say... "Damn I knew it was going to happen but I wasn't too sure"

I feel like many people are writing T.J. Warren off throughout the whole process and those people without a doubt will say "Damn I knew it was going to happen but I wasn't too sure".

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I agree with you

Yea I agree with you Its something about him that makes me think he will be a stud in the league. I think he has the potential to average a stat line of 15 ppg 5 rpg 2ast an 1stl. His offensive rebounding is also underrated.

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well, Julius Randle.

well, Julius Randle. Obviously he hasn't fallen too far as he's widely regarded as the #5 prospect, but he used to be the #3 prospect, ahead of Embiid and just a tick below Parker and Wiggins. He may be as pro ready as any of the guys at the top of the draft and I think he could join the NBA today and be a very good power forward (12 and 7 guy right off the bat)

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Nick Stauskas

I think its Nick Stauskas. He was a cerebral part of the Mighigan team this year. He filled the shoes of Trey Burke. Last year he was a role player that could really shoot the 3. He had a nice jumpshot but outside of that he wasn't much. This year he showed that he could not only shoot, but pass as well. He showed that he has more athleticism then I originally thought. Some team is going to be a believer and take him in the late lottery, but teams in the top 10 could be thinking that he is just a good jumpshooter and therefore pass on him. Then come one or two years they regret passing on him. I think he is golden for the Nuggets at 11.

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I think Glenn Robnson III

I think Glenn Robnson III will find himself in the backend of the lottery.

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James Young should be a top

James Young should be a top 12 pick to me. His tournament performance showed he isn't just a spot up shooter but can slash too and shine among other star players. Being a lefty helps as well. He reminded me a lot of Manu during the tourney.

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