Mason Plumlee

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Mason Plumlee

I've watched Duke 3-4 times, and Mason Plumlee has top 10 pick written all over him. No way he slides out of the lottery. I see mock sites taking Gobert, Cauley-Stein, and others ahead of him.....that's crazy!!!!!

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In a weak draft he should go Top 10, the problem is sinse he's a senior people dont want to pick him so high... The reality is he is a freak athlete, has improved his shooting and free throw percentage, and has improved dramatically offensively. IMO he should go Top 10...

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I said Top 10 pick couple

I said Top 10 pick couple weeks ago and the negatives flew in.

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im so happy u posted this,

im so happy u posted this, mason plumlee is going to be very good in the nba

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If Miles can go 1st round

If Miles Plumlee can go 1st round in a loaded draft, then Mason should go top ten in an average draft. Mason's skill level is way better than Miles. He is playing great this year. Probably POY at this point.

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No doubt he should go in the

No doubt he should go in the lottery. Yes he's a senior but coming into the nba he would be twice the player Meyers Lenard is.
I remeber plumlee in the McDonald's all American dunk contest. He looked like a top 5 pick. He's the best payer on a # 1 team. He will go in the lottery.

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