Marshon Brooks is gonna be an elite player in the NBA

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Marshon Brooks is gonna be an elite player in the NBA

Some of you are so ignorant... Marshon Brooks will be an elite scorer on the next level. How was he a volume scorer on the college level when he shot 48.4% percent from the floor and 35% from beyond the arc, when you compare him to the only player who averaged more than he did(Jimmer) who shot 45%from the floor and 39.6% from beyond the arc, he is actually a better scorer than Jimmer and did it against better competition... Ok, Providence wasn't good as a team but he kept them in games and took over games single handedly when teams objective was to shut him down... His game is smooth as silk and he is only getting better, working with Tim Grover who said he reminds him of a young "Kobe" and I see it in his game. Just as Jimmer, when you are counted on to do so much on offense, you cant go all out on defense. He has the length, the size and the right coach to help with defense, He rebounded the ball very well (7 rebounds/per) against other teams who had quality bigs, so scoring is not all he does... Stop HATING on this kid and watch him work!!! Very seldom a player goes to the NBA as a "COMPLETE" player, there is a learning curve for everybody, but if you can score the ball and have the drive to be great then you will KOBE, MJ, KD

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stroke it from deep, get to the rack and has a mid range game...

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