Marquis Teague and Quincy Miller

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Marquis Teague and Quincy Miller

No longer worthy of lottery?

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Lack of production this past

Lack of production this past year killed them. Neither of them are all that NBA ready. Teague still needs to work on his decision making and jump shooting, while Miller needs to work on his strength and consistency. Both of them have a good deal of potential so I say they'll go late teens to early 20s on draft night.

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Quincy Miller

Quincy Miller really needed another year to prove that his knee surgery hasn't impacted to harshly on his athleticism. I'm confident he will be a steal at around the 20+ position, though he will be at least 2-4 years till he's productive. In terms of experience and body shape he's still at high school level to me, despite a year at Baylor due to his surgery set back.

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As I said in the other

As I said in the other thread, once the workouts and combine are done I expect Teague to shoot up, Lottery? Maybe, Maybe not, but his stock is def going to rise.

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I see Teague going somewhere

I see Teague going somewhere in the mid-teens. Lottery is a possibility. As for Miller, I've got him falling to late first. He's nowhere near NBA ready and definitely needs to add more weight/strength.

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I think Teague will go late

I think Teague will go late 1st. Miller will probably go late 1st, with an oustide shot of falling to the 2nd round. His production wasn't as expected and his athleticism won't shine in team workouts. I think he can be the biggest faller in the draft.

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I think Cs and PGs will be

I think Cs and PGs will be reached for in this draft. There just aren't but a few at each position whereas SG and SF you can get a good one in late first or early second. Example, Detroit could reach for a C like Meyers Leonard around 9 and still get a good SF like Kris Joseph at around 38. That's just my opinion though. That's out the window if most teams go BPA which they probably should.

So, I think Teague could go in the first 15 picks while Miller may slip to late first or even early second.

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