Markel Brown

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Markel Brown

Just looked at the mockdraft and noticed he was moved to the middle of the first round. I'm excited because got his player comparison and his attributes perfect. I was actually about to make that same comparison in a status before I saw the mock draft. Now I do think he'll be drafted closer to the end of the first round but it's exciting to see someone I played against in high school, getting love.

He's a superior athlete, he played point guard in high school but he really isn't a point guard. Great defender, has long arms, definitely not 6'4" though. He's a great shot blocker for a guard and he can get passing lane steals and play straight up man to man defense. The Avery Bradley comparison is head on. He also comes from a good family and isn't a problem as a player. NBADRAFT.NET did great.

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He's gotten very little hype

He's gotten very little hype due to playing with Smart, but he's OSU's leading scorer and a really good player in his own right. I'm glad he got moved up.

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Ehhh, he's a 6'3'' shooting

Ehhh, he's a 6'3'' shooting guard. Unless they have star potential, I don't like drafting combo guards in the mid-first. Brown has a nice shot, good athletic ability and the ability to get going offensively, but to me he seems to be a guy who will end up being a rotation player and a guy who might not stick. A player I'd take at the end of the 1st or beginning of the 2nd. I think he's a poor man's Hersey Hawkins.

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