Mark Lyons

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Mark Lyons

Wow this had got to be the est game in college hoops so far, mark Lyons is so clutch, great games by both teams.

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Guess you missed Butler/Indiana earlier

This game was awesome, though I think Butler/Indiana was a tad more exciting, not to mention it being on a slightly neutral floor (Conseco seemed to have supporters for both teams). Huge shot by Lyons and a really nice comeback by Zona, was a very good game and another exciting finish. Still, have to say that the best game I have seen this year was earlier in the day with Butler's OT win. Overall it was just a flat out amazing day for college basketball.

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I watched both games and both

I watched both games and both were great. I thought the intensity level and defense was better in the zona/ Florida game but it's all just a natter of opinion. And yeah, Lyons has that late game get outta my way swag.

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