Mark Jackson and the La Lakers

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Mark Jackson and the La Lakers

Can the lakers front office just go ahead and sign mark Jackson as the coach! This makes sense ! First he is a hell of a coach! A players coach! Somebody that used to play in the league and did great as a point guard and knows the position! Something he can help flourish whoever is the next pg for la! He lives in Santa Monica still and this is part of the reason he proly was so disliked by the warriors front office! He didn't want to move his family to Oakland and didn't mind making the 50 min plane ride from lax to Oakland.. I know lakers are leaning towards Byron Scott a former laker and inglewood kid and I like him to be the coach only if mark Jackson turns it down! He's my guy that I like would u guys go with Jackson over Scott? Or is George Karl or Lionel hollins good? If they go Scott bring in Rambis and Michael cooper for a all la coaching staff! I woulda like Derek fisher with Scott to eventually take over after Byron but he went to new york

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