Mario Chalmers..the new Rondo?

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Mario Chalmers..the new Rondo?

Not saying that he will be as good as Rondo, but isn't Chalmers in the same position?

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Nope. Rondo was providing

Nope. Rondo was providing energy for aging veterans and was always a far better playmaker/passer than Chalmers who is more of a combo guard than a true point. Chalmers had better just work on his jump shot and D and let LeBron or Wade make all the plays.

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Chalmers is more along the

Chalmers is more along the Derek Fisher lines than Rondo. Especially in this situation he's in now

He's a role playing overachiever, Rondo is a dynamic talent who can do a little of everything extremely well (except shoot).

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i see what you r saying but

i see what you r saying but rondo was trusted to run the team whereas chalmers will be asked to defend and knock down spot up jumpers.

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