Marcus Thornton steal the NBA Draft

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Marcus Thornton steal the NBA Draft

21.1 2.1 .388 5.5 0.4 1.6

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Could be solid a few years

Could be solid a few years down the road - probably not "steal of the draft" solid though.

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If I were a GM, I'd consider

If I were a GM, I'd consider him with a late 1st round pick. I think his game will translate pretty well to the pro's. He knows how to score....not just shoot.

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Wrong reasoning

If your reason for thinking he will be good is his stats then Jodie Meeks and Lester Hudson will be steals too. I like Marcus and think he will be a high second round pick and make a team and at times get to contribute, but to make a bold statement like that you need to give more of a reason than stats. Adam Morrison would be an all-star if college stats meant that much.

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either danny green or

either danny green or beaubois will be the steal of the draft

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If Meeks goes in the second round

I think he is the steal of the draft. He can really be an explosive scorer. Meeks moves real good without the ball guys are going to have to chase him all over meanwhile deal with other scorers on his team. He is going to give a coach so many options it's funny.

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morris almond

every one thought morris was going to come out and be the shooter the jazz have been waiting for. Well he is considered the micheal jordan of the dleague. Thats all I see meeks being unlike college you have to play defense in the nba. I think meeks will be the next morris almond. A d league superstar. an nba bench warmer. I think I am talking about jodie meeks in the wrong forum. Oh well now everyone knows what I think about meeks.

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th steals of the draft will

th steals of the draft will be Danny Green, and Aj Price, they wont be stars but theyl be good.

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i think marcus thornton

i think marcus thornton won't be the steal, the steal will be taj gibson or danny green at the later part of the first round

but it has been said that phoenix wants delonte west in a trade for shaq

so marcus would be perfect to take delonte's place, to go along with shaq, lebron, mo williams

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