Marcus Smart at SG

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Marcus Smart at SG

any chance you guys see marcus smart being able to play shooting guard in the NBA?

for example if charlotte drafted him he'd probably play SG beside kemba...i feel like he would best be a 6th man combo guard off the bench , what do you guys think? and who should charlotte choose ithis year? with theirs and portlands pick

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I'm kind of with you on this

I'm kind of with you on this and it's not a popular belief on this site but I see him kind of like a Tyreke/Harden type where he can play both 1-2 but I don't know how he'd do defensively against other starting point guards. I think for stretches he can be the primary ball handler on the floor but not my full time PG. Bobcats need almost everything besides SF but Mclamore would fit what they need most besides a consistent post presence.

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I think a play making 2 would

I think a play making 2 would be his best position in the NBA. I wouldn't want him being the primary ball-handler because he's just not that good of a ball-handler. He can make plays, but his decision making is iffy as well, jsut look at his A/T ratio

People don't realize that this is basically his first yr ever being a full-time PG and it was more so by default since OKst didn't have a starting caliber PG coming into the season.

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I don't see why not. I think

I don't see why not. I think it would be a smart idea (terrible pun not intended), I think heel be able to defend 2 guards in the nba plus he can add playmaking where Kemba lacks, and allow kemba to score more. But as arenas said they could use help anywhere.

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He brings more upside/value

He brings more upside/value as a PG. There aren't many 6'4 225lbs PGs in the NBA, which makes him very appealing. Moving him to SG greatly decreases his value.

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He is simply a combo guard

He is simply a combo guard just like D Wade was when we drafted him. He can play on ball just as well as he can off the ball. Don't think it matters where he goes because he will fit perfectly wherever. Also, the fact that the NBA is becoming more and more position-less makes it even less important.

I also agree with mess.eee. The fact that right now he's a PG with that body is incredible and is one of the many reasons why so many people are drooling over him. I for one would LOVE to have him in the HEAT because he;d fit perfectly but looks like that is out of the question now

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For a slightly under size sg.

For a slightly under size sg. I don't see him having any defensive issues guarding other Sg's. He looks nearly 6'5 with quick hands/feet and strong with pretty good athleticism to go along with it. I see him being a no risk guy, that will be productive, but not great. Definitely I don't see him being a PG at the next level. I know no one will agree with me, however the guy he compares well to in my opinion is Wesley Mathews.

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Does anybody know what Smart's wingspan is?

Does anybody know what Smart's wingspan is? Finding the information via google has proven to be very elusive, all I know is that he has 'long' arms which is enough to suggest that he'll be comfortable as an NBA shooting guard.

Smart could alternate between the guard positions and be effective in NBA but I'm with mess.eee on this. He becomes so much more valuable as a point guard behemoth due to the rarity. Having said that, he's still the third best shooting guard available so he's no slouch in that regard. Whoever picks him will have to be patient because he's not a natural point guard and will require investment if the team wants him to be their point guard.

I honestly think he's better off sharing the point guard duties with a shoot first point guard such as Walker, Knight or Thomas. Unfortunetly, the Kings and Pistons already have players that are in a similar mould to Smart in Evans and Stuckey, luckily they're both in contract years which gives Smart value to those teams because he's a cheaper and younger solution.

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