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Marcus Lee

As I'm watching the Kentucky Michigan game I have been impressed from Marcus Lee. I know he hasn't got much pt over the year but that doesn't matter to NBA scouts. He's long, runs the court like a deer and has impressive hops for his size. I wouldn't be surprised after the tournament if he declared to try and get picked up in the first round. He reminds me a lot of Tyrus Thomas, with all the length and athleticism they possess. He should stay another year to develop his moves but I see him forgoing his finally years of eligibility and test the waters. The NBA can always use long and athletic guys on any team.

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This matchup is perfect for

This matchup is perfect for him because he has the size to hurt Michigan but also the athleticism to guard their perimeter players. He should stay though. Him and Dakari will lead a great frontcourt next season.

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