Marcin Gortat = Next Yao Ming?

it seems like Houston has sky high interest in Gortat to replace Yao. this guy is a beast down low, i was checking out his game log and he would grab double digit rebounds in less than 10 minutes of playing time. and from what I've seen, he has a little 8 foot jumper in his arsenal.

but with that being said, I don't think Gortat is the solution to the Yao Ming crisis in Houston. I would prefer that Houston attempts to make a trade for someone like Z from the Cavs. Z is like a poor man's Yao Ming, he can shoot from 20 feet and post up defenders, and not to mention he gets alot of offensive rebounds. even Camby or Kaman from Clips should be someone they should try to pursue.

but that's just my opinion, I'm not a fan of either one of those 3 teams i mentioned, but i think both the Cavs or Clips would benefit as well from trading their bigs. but what do you'll think?

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your smoking some serious

your smoking some serious crack dude

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lol.... that was funny auber

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Gortat knows he is only

Gortat knows he is only going to play a couple minutes so he goes all out on the boards. He isnt gonna put up 22 points per game like Yao or demand double teams or shoot like him

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what, Gortat grew 6 inches

what, Gortat grew 6 inches and developed a jump shot in the last month?

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I would agree that the Cavs and Clippers would be better off trading their extra big men. I still think big Z is a good player, but they probably don't need him and Shaq on the same team, plus he has real value as an expiring contract. If the Clippers make a trade it needs to be Kaman. Camby only has one year left. Might as well see if DeAndre Jordan is going to be part of your future.

I am just waiting to see what idiot overpays Gortat. Anyone can play great if they play all out for 5-8 minutes a game. It will probably be easy for the Magic to find a replacement for him. I am just getting sick of everyone talking about him like he is a 5 time all-star. With that being said, I think he may be a solid player and could be a good backup.

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will give a team good minutes but I dont think can handle being a starter

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When I saw this I had to see the ridiculous logic behind it lol. Gortat is gonna be the next Jerome James, meaning he will be SUPER overpaid off of the potential he showed in the playoffs. He also has no moves and a very low bball IQ

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Wow.....Gortat is a poor

Wow.....Gortat is a poor Yao Ming? I mean, go study some basketball.

Gortat is a homeless Yao Ming in a depression.

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They need him and trade

Trade some players for kaman and then sign marcin gortat which will solve their problem

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crazy comparison

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I don't think he meant to

I don't think he meant to literally compare them, but just to say he could be replacing Yao since he's injured.

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That is the same idea i got

That is the same idea i got from it. Yao Ming is too much his own player for any player to be close.

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what BStar said

yeah i didnt mean to literally compare Gortat and Yao to each other, but to compare each other's production. I know Gortat is nowhere even close to Yao's abilities, so my question is why the Rockets would want to sign Gortat when they could get someone like Kaman or Camby from the Clippers or Z from the Cavs.

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Kaman or Camby would make

Kaman or Camby would make sense, Z's productivity is been on the decline hard core the last couple years and i don't doubt that trend continues this upcoming season. Z is a season away from being a bench player and i just don't think an old jump shooting center is the answer to attempt to fill the void Yao leaves.

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lol.....some times teams and

lol.....some times teams and fans tend to overestimate a player because of what they produce in limited minutes..i do liek gorats game but im not ready to say hes numbers will be off the board because hes now gonna get starter mins..i thnk houston is a good place for him if yao is there is not then im not so sure since he isnt a first option big man...he would be better suited playing with anoter good or better big man next to him

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