Is Manu Ginobili 1st ballot Hall of Fame worthy?

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Is Manu Ginobili 1st ballot Hall of Fame worthy?

Manu Ginobili will turn 36 in July and in contrast to Tim Duncan, who finds a way to screw "Father Time" over and over again, he tends to get hurt more than often by recklessly driving into lanes and drawing hits a la Dwyane Wade. I'm not sure when he plans to call it quits, but if he were to retire today, do you believe Manu Ginobili would get into the Hall of Fame first try?
Let's look at his major accomplishments:

- 3x NBA Champion (All w/ Spurs)
- 2007-2008 6th Man of the Year
- 2x Time NBA All Star ('05,'11)
- '02-'03 All Rookie Second Team
- 2x NBA All 3rd Team ('05,'11)

- 2001 Euroleague Champion
- 2011 Euroleague MVP

- Olympic Gold Medalist (Athens '04)
- Only other player besides Bill Bradley in Basketball history to win NBA title, Euroleague title and Olympic gold.

What are your thoughts? And if I missed out anything, feel free to add on.

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Yes, he is. He's done

Yes, he is.

He's done everything that can and needs to be done in the NBA and Europe. He is a special talent that was willing to sacrifice his entire career for the betterment of the team. Not many players are a class act like Ginobili. He, like Yao, not only dominated the court, but they were ambassadors to the game of basketball around the world. Right now, there are possibly millions of kids aspiring to be basketball players in South America because of Ginobili. The same way there are millions in Asia aspiring to be basketball players because of Yao. They changed the game by populated it.

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It's the Hall of Fame, not

It's the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of Very Good Players; I'm a Celtics fan so I guess if DJ and KC Jones can make it, your argument may hold water, but ....if I had a vote he would not get mine

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I don't know, injures have

I don't know, injures have really hurt his overall numbers

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You have to remember this is

You have to remember this is not the "NBA" Hall of Fame, this is the "Basketball" Hall of Fame and based on his NBA/Euroleague/Olympic credentials, the answer to this question is a resounding yes.

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The accomplishments in

The accomplishments in different leagues does help his chances because its' a unique story, most players that have accomplished what he has have never played anywhere else.

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I would consider him as a

I would consider him as a HOFer but I don't think he deserves the honor of being a first ballot HOFer that kind of stuff is reserved for true greats like Tim Duncan.

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