manny harris

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manny harris

What do you guys think of him as a 2010 1st round prospect

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2011 if he's smart

I've seen manny play both in high school and his first two years of college. He is a legit 6'5 but at the same time he is not strong enough (170 lbs with skinny legs) I believe to handle the 2-guard position in the league just yet. He is impressive driving to the basket, drawing fouls, and has a decent mid-range game. But the same offensive rebounds he gets in college he won't get in the league, and he is a 30% shooter from the college three point line...I know it's not the best path to take now-a-days but 4 years will do him well

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3 years should be enough

3 years should be enough...its evident that he will never have a strong build...his frame is just too small. I like his game, he needs to work on his defense and to be more patient on offense, but I think he could be a solid 6th/7th roation player.

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He will be a Maurice Evans

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Look at Rip Hamilton hes

Look at Rip Hamilton hes really small and never getting bigger but still a top notch NBA player

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Different games. Rip knew he

Different games. Rip knew he would never bulk up, so he developed a training regiment centered around cardio and moving without the ball. Harris is more of a slasher, who needs the ball to be effective.

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