Mamadou N'Diaye

What do you think about this kid? Do you think that he can play in the nba?

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Wrong thread. I thought this was about Aziz Ndiaye.

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I think that he could be an

I think that he could be an interesting player only for his height and size...

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An other Thabeet ? Or a Good surprise in next Draft...

HUGE size and a big body... Not a great athlet, but with his wingspan , take a shot against him will be like see thought The Peacock's wheel ! If he Will work hard , we'll have an other giant in The paint in the future NBA

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Maybe , but I think there are

Maybe , but I think there are too many center prospects better than him that will prevent him from being drafted. Still, he's a big body with an enormous wingspan who could block a shot or two and give his team 6 fouls. He'll have to go the free agent/D-League route IMO.

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He'd have to be good enough

He'd have to be good enough to see the floor to give those 6 fouls. Unfortunately for him he's slower than molasses, so he wouldn't be able to keep up with even the slowest of paces. He's more than just huge though, He actually plays with a bit of a mean streak and shows some coordination on moves. I just don't think that's enough to make up for how slow he is.

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