Malik Monk

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Malik Monk

I know you shouldn't get to hype while watching mixtapes of high school players ex.(Ryan Harrow) but after watching this video I think this kid has a lot of potential and he's only a freshman he has a great looking shooting stroke good ball handling skills and out of this world athleticism the sky is the limit for this kid.

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just for the record... my

just for the record... my name is pronounced Mal-Lick... not Ma-Leak
and got damn that dude got hops

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Only a freshman? Really? Man. He has really awesome body control on his drives as well. Notice how he only takes what the defense gives him. If someone steps up he jump stops and uses the floater or pull up J. If no one steps up...OUCH! Thanks.

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Monk's legit...

Had him in a Freshman Watch List back in July and a Pre-Season Freshman All-American as well. He'll tryout for USA Basketball U16 squad in May and he's currently in the Top 30 for the Class of 2016. He'll definitely move up though, because he's clearly taken his game to another level. If he can grow a couple more inches, could be a serious problem for sure. Here's a little more info about the Malik.

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