Malcolm thomas to the warriors ?...

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Malcolm thomas to the warriors ?...

Heard that he will get his chance and sign a 10 day contract with the Warriors...
(marc stein on twitter)

Does anybody have some news about this signing ?

I was surprised when I saw he didn't get a chance this year after a very good summer league (with great rebounding numbers for the bulls

Maybe he could provide some energy and clean the glass behind lee and landry...

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yea he got energy but he's a

yea he got energy but he's a betta d leaguer cuz warriors gotz my ninja draymond and landry and lee at da 4 and he ain't no 5. crowded like sitting in the middle seat between 2 fat peeps in a airplane crowded yo- daaaaaaaaaaamn!

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Good for him. He deserves a shot in the league. I really liked him in summer league and wanted the Bulls to pick him up. Tibs loves hustle guys and the Bulls always have injury problems. I wish we had this guy instead of Radmonovic.

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I love it as a Warriors fan,

I love it as a Warriors fan, this guy was an absolute beast in the Summer League, but unfortunately it doesn't seem like he's going to get much PT here.

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I wish the Spurs would have

I wish the Spurs would have signed him to a 10 day contract, it would have been nice to see him and Kawhi Leonard reunite again! Go SDSU!

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