Malcolm Hill Is Underrated

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Malcolm Hill Is Underrated

Hill is being slept on. I think he may go a bit higher than most projections. He's a senior that should be ready to step into a role immediately but despite playing 4 years at Illinois he is just 21. He has an NBA ready body 6'6 230 and despite testing average at the combine he is a fluid athlete. 17ppg, 5rpg, 3apg while shooting 50%FG, 35%3pt, 80%FT.

He seems to be trying to convince teams his shooting is legit after making 2 per game on average percentages his senior year. Hes a well spoken kid that will be coachable. A few players he reminds me of are Jonathan Simmons scoring wise and Dorian Finney Smith as a versatile player that tries to rebound, pass and defend well but at 230 he has some serious size to him as well that those two dont have.

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I agree Malcolm Hill is

I agree Malcolm Hill is undervalued, Groce didn't use him right at Illinois and his stock suffered

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I think he'll be a decent D-League starter with some potential 10-day call-up looming over him in his career.
But he isn't that undervalued... Wasn't impressive in Illinois on big stage games and his outside shoot is still very inconsistent. He had some buzz before the PIT, but he really struggled there... Was one of the worst players on the floor this year in Portsmouth, maybe he was just in bad shape, but certainly didn't helped himself.

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