Make a package for the Cavs.

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Make a package for the Cavs.

1: Nerlens Noel or Otto Porter..... Outside posibility for Bmac if they think Dion can back up PG and SG successfully.


19: Lucas Nogueira / Rudy Gobert / Mason Plumlee / Giannis Adetokunbo/ Kelly Olynyk / Steven Adams

31: Mike Muscala/ Ricardo Ledo / Tony Snell / Archie Goodwin / Jamaal Frankiln / Tony Mitchell

33: CJ Leslie/ Glenn Rice Jr. / Reggie Bullock / Deshawn Thomas / Erick Green

Kinda tried to put it from realistic to 'not likely'. For example 19: Nogueira is more likely to be there at 19 than Adams

This is what my board for the Cavs would be if I was, say, their GM.

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Tony Snell won't be on the board by the time the 31st pick comes around, I can pretty much guarantee that. I think that the Cavaliers should draft Ben McLemore, move Waiters to a more comfortable 6th man role, and try to grab a player like Tony Snell with the 19th pick.

They can use their later picks to snatch up a big and a backup point guard. Maybe someone like Isaiah Caanan and Jeff Withey? I think that would be a solid approach for the Cavs this year.

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Porter Plumlee Snell Rice JR




Rice JR

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1: Nerlens Noel - Otto Porter

1: Nerlens Noel - Otto Porter - Ben McLemore

{Package 31&33 to Dallas for 13 (and possibly Shawn Marion as they tried to include him already)
{13: Steven Adams - Lucas Nogueira - Shabazz - KCP

19: Giannis - Karasev - Gobert - Dieng - Tony Mitchell - Snell

{If they can't trade 31 &/or 33

31: Erick Green - Reggie Bullock - Jamaal Franklin

33: Withey - Southerland - Rice Jr.

No specific order, just prospects I think they should look for at each position. Obviously earlier picks could and would determine later picks.

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Dion Waiters already stressed

Dion Waiters already stressed that he does not want the 6th man role. He's been putting in a ton of work with Mike Brown already, I really think were gonna see Waiters put up 17-18ppg as he put up 14.6 in his rookie year.

As far as packaging, more realistic to just speak on the 2-3 picks the Cavs make because they have already said they wont be drafting 4 rookies.

If they do not draft Porter number 1, I see them combining 19,31,33 to move up. Perhaps land Shabazz if they feel he will play the SF position.

So many options for the Cavaliers, as a Cavs fan, I cant even begin to imagine where Chris Grant would think of going after the past two number 4 picks.

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1 -- Alex Len -- higher floor

1 -- Alex Len -- higher floor than Nerlens Noel if not a higher ceiling. Legit center size. Can score and board.

19 -- Tim Hardaway, Jr. -- ideal third guard with Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters. Could also play some 3.

31 -- Jeff Withey -- athletic shot blocking center. Another rangy 7 footer off the bench with Tyler Zeller.

33 -- Reggie Bullock -- more shooting and depth at the 2 and 3 spots.

Next in: I like Peyton Siva for them as an ideal backup point guard. But, 31 or 33 might be too high for him, and they could use more depth on the wing.

If Reggie Bullock is gone at 33, then I would look at Ledo and Tony Mitchell. Lots of upside with those guys.

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1. mclemore - execs are

1. mclemore - execs are worried about his lack of aggression so start him off the bench until it develops. he's the best player in the draft, period.

19. nogueira - did well with varajao so why not try another big haired brazilian.

31. tony mitchell - he's a tweener but that shouldn't matter if you need depth at both the 3 and 4.

33. lorenzo brown - already drafted a 2, 4/5, 3/4 so finish off with the best 1 left.

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1 -- Porter/Len 19 --

1 -- Porter/Len

19 -- Adams/Giannas

**31/33 Trade to Dal for 13 + Marrion or some stashers/deadeye shooters to come off the bench

**No idea who to draft at 13, trade 19 + 13 and move up into top 10? THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS

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If the DAL trade happened....

1 - Oladipo

13 - Bazz

19 - Dieng


1 - Len

13 - Bazz

19 - Hardaway

I'm a bigger fan of the first option and getting Oladipo some run with Kyrie and Dion.

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my choice

I take Otto Porter first and hope he ends up more Paul George than Tayshaun Prince.

19. Steven Adams if not available Jeff Whitey he's a definite good back up.

31. Reggie Bullock knock down shooter good defender.

33. Deshaun Thomas spark off the bench or maybe a guy who defies athletic limitations and becomes a chandler parsons type find in the second round.

I like drafting for positions of need then BPA because in the NBA there are very few players who can thrive regardless of situation. There are like a handful of players who can play no matter what team.

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Otto Porter, Steven Adams,

Otto Porter, Steven Adams, Jamaal Franklin, CJ Leslie

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Porter, Dieng, Franklin,

Porter, Dieng, Franklin, Canaan

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