The Magic Roster...As of Now.

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The Magic Roster...As of Now.

Jameer Nelson/E'Twaun Moore/Ronnie Price
Arron Afflalo/Victor Oladipo/Doron Lamb
Tobias Harris/Moe Harkless
Glen Davis/Andrew Nicholson/Romero Osby
Nikola Vucevic/Jason Maxiell/Kyle O'Quinn

They are done with free agency & are just looking to invite some bodies to camp now to fill that one last spot.

Hedo & Harrington (Harrington FOR SURE will be) will be let go most likely....& if not Hedo will just slide into that final SF spot.

Is this team a little too good to tank like they want to?

Some solid vets to go with some solid young players.....As a Magic fan I don't wanna be middle of the pack & fighting for an 8th seed.

Wonder if a trade could be on the horizon.

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my god, they might be worse

my god, they might be worse than the 11'12 bobcats

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I'm sorry but it's not even

I'm sorry but it's not even close. I'm guessing that you haven't seen Tobias Harris or Nikola Vucevic play.

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Man, they have some high

Man, they have some high potential guys on that roster. Harkless, Vucevic, Harris, and Oladipo are a very solid core.

I was one of the people that laughed when they got "garbage" in that Dwight Howard trade, turns out, they ended up the winners.

Back to your question, they won't be fighting for the 8th seed, I don't see Davis, Afflalo, or Nelson getting those 31, 36, 35 minutes a game, respectively anymore. They're going to play them less minutes in order to give some of the younger guys big minutes for them to improve so I see them losing a lot of games. I see them in the 20-25 win area. Not the complete worst team but definitely in the bottom 5.

Not only that but I think we're going to see a lot of games where Harris plays SF, other games where he plays power forward. Oladipo bouncing around on both guard spots as well as Vucevic moving from center to power forward. This season is about finding where these players play best and hoping they improve.

So even if they have the talent to win, the coaching staff isn't going to put them in a position to do that this season, they understand the long-term goals and are more focused on that.

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They should throw out...

PG: Victor Olidapo
SG: Aaron Afflalo
SF: Mo Harkless
PF: Andrew Nichlson
C: Nikola Vucevic

6th man: Tobias Harris
Heavy rotation minutes: Doron Lamb

They need to know who is going to be apart of their future while giving Olidapo the Wade treatment of running point for a year. Is Lamb the shooter off of the bench every playoff team needs? Is Nicholson starting caliber or do they need to start looking to the future there (draft Julius Randle)? Is Harkless or Harris the starter at SF and will the other one be a bench player or a trade asset?

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We (I know some people hate

We (I know some people hate it when fans say this but they can suck it) have some solid pieces on paper but we still don't have an identity or anyone that can really take over games. We don't have a playmaker or a go to scorer on offense so I don't think we will challenge for the #8 seed just yet. That being said we are probably not bad enough to get another top 5 selection but a pick in the 6-10 range should still be in the cards and with a draft expected to be strong and lots of salary room for next off season we should be in good position to add a top player.

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No way Tobias Harris doesn't start. The kid is tough, and is going to be a very good player in my opinion.

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Tough Question

I recently wrote a post including Orlando as a top up and coming NBA team with GS, CLE, and NO. I stated that Orlando would be even scarier next year after likely adding another young top pick from the star-studded, top heavy 2014 Draft. After reading I realized I was contradicting myself by discussing Orlando having several young players with extreme potential and how good their roster was, and also saying they would again be bad enough to have a top pick in the draft. I'm torn and not sure where to place them in the final standings. Younger teams don't have great success in this league, unless you have LeBron or KD. But then again, I am loving Orlando's roster. Oladipo is my early favorite for ROY. Still wondering if Afflalo will be traded along with other vets. I would move Afflalo/others, totally rebuild, and turn in into Olandipo! Hoping his work ethic allows him to reach one of his higher comparisons in D Wade. Losing Afflalo would obviously hurt their W/L record this year could be better in long run if that means increasing their chances of getting a top pick in 2014.

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A nice blend of budding

Rob Hennigan is really making a name for himself, he's really exciting. When Jacque Vaughn speaks, you listen. The roster looks promising but is still in transition, it's remarkable how advanced the Magic are in the rebuilding process in such a short space of time.

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A lineup I see the Magic

A lineup I see the Magic putting out there to develope these young guys:

Sixth man: Oladipo who the Magic can plunk in at the 1, 2 or 3.

Wouldnt win the most games but those are your guys going forward, they gotta find what works.

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olidepo at 1, 2, or 3 and

olidepo at 1, 2, or 3 and nicholson at the 4 and 5, I think Nicholson is solid 3rd bigman to have and I like Harris playing about 20 to 25 minutes at the PF and then playing SF for the rest. Then you mix in a couple other veteran guys around those guys for this year and then try to dump them next off season and maybe keep a jameer nelson after that for a year because he would be a good mentor to have.

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the guy who originally made

the guy who originally made this post had the starting lineup correct...but don't be surprised to see Oladipo get a lot of minutes at both backcourt spots

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idk maybe im a complete moron

idk maybe im a complete moron but if that team plays against other NBA teams then they wont have a very siccessful year..that team would prob drop a few games in the d league for god sakes...people have to understand that if tobias harris is your best player(very good player) and they are going up against a random team like say the clippers then what do you think would happen?

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They started out 12-13 last

They started out 12-13 last year before BBD & Meer got hurt...a team in Milwaukee was in the playoffs 6 games below .500.

They just have vets in their lineup (Meer,Afflalo, & BBD) who HATE losing.

Now I wouldn't be surprised to see some mysterious injuries happen that may sit guys out longer than usual for tanking purposes.


Those are 5 LOCKS to make the playoffs.

Then you have teams like the Hawks, Wizards, Pistons, Cavs, & Raptors fighting for the final 3 spots.

Magic, Celtics, Bucks, Bobcats, & 76ers on the outside looking in.

Gonna be interesting to see what teams end up at 6, 7, & 8.....I see the Hawks most likely in the playoffs, so maybe just 2 spots remaining.

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This would be my rotation for

This would be my rotation for the Magic, if they want a top 5 pick in 2014:

PG- Victor Olidapo/Jameer Nelson/E'Twaun Moore/Ronnie Price
SG- Maurice Harkless/Victor Oladipo/Doron Lamb/E'Twaun Moore
SF- Tobias Harris/Maurice Harkless
PF- Glen Davis/Tobias Harris/Andrew Nicholson/Jason Maxiell/Romero Osby
C- Nikola Vucevic/Jason Maxiell/Glen Davis/Kyle O'Quinn

trade Arron Afflalo, for a good young Center.

If the Magic try to make Victor into a PG, why not try and turn Harkless into a Defensive minded SG? Then if by a mircale they great Andrew Wiggins, they would have a starting five of:

PG-Victor Olidapo
SG-Andrew Wiggins or Maurice Harkless
SF-Maurice Harkless or Andrew Wiggins
PF-Tobias Harris
C- Nikola Vucevic

I couldn't think of a better young core in the NBA, all under the age of 25! I'd give the Magic a A+, if they get a top 5 pick in 2014 as well.

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