Magic Johnson leaves ESPN...

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Magic Johnson leaves ESPN...

He wasn't the greatest analyst, but he was decent. It seems as though Magic was destined to be on TV after his retirement from playing and coaching with is charisma and infectious smile. Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose do a good job with the NBA Countdown. Dorie Burke is taking over for Magic. I really like Doris and I think she has a very good basketball mind and will thrive in her new role. Good luck to Magic on his post-ESPN life.

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doris burke? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

doris burke? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *face palm* i honestly hate her as an analysis.

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I cannot believe you don't like Simmons. Are you serious? I really think he is a breath of fresh air with informed thoughts and obviously a good basis of knowledge.

I love the Laker and love Magic, but TV is not his thing? Remember his TV show? Very ungood.

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I thought Bill Simmons was

I thought Bill Simmons was awful. I can't remember some of the dumb stuff he said but he's terrible. Plus he doesn't sound like a man so I can't take him serious.

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No not doris! Magic you're

No not doris! Magic you're bad too, but for the love of god come back! Ill even listen to all of your lakers stories that you get completely off topic with!

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I think Magic will be back,

I think Magic will be back, he doesnt stray away too long from the game....He might want to focus more on the Dodgers....

I might be in the minority on this,but Doris Burke wasn't too bad of an analyst...She knows the game and had a nice sense of humor..But her voice is so ANNOYING and the tone in which she talks, can BORE you to death!! Add in the fact that guys aren't use to women announcing NBA games....She should stick to sideline reporting,where i think she's best,becuz what she says is short and to the point.....

Bill Simmons should be let go,he was awful!!! Jalen Rose isnt great either,but he brings interesting inside tidbits of what the players & coaching are doing and thinking...

I'm a big fan of Doug Collins ,now that he's no longer coaching,he should be signed to do analysts....

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I'm sure there's like a zero percent chance of it happening, but they should reach out to Charles Barkley. He's an underrated analyst, and he's damn funny to boot. I already miss him.

On a semi-related note, is C-Webb filling in for Chuck at TNT? He's awesome, and would balance out the god-awful-ness of Shaq

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I'm not a fan of Doris Burke

I'm not a fan of Doris Burke taking over the role, nothing against her but I prefer someone that was either a coach or a former player in the NBA for their insight, stories, and understanding. Magic was sometimes great, sometimes rather awful.

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I read somewhere that Magic

I read somewhere that Magic was leaving because they are making it more of Bill Simmons' show. Not that he hates Simmons or anything, but apparently Wilbon's role is being diminished to give Simmons more time and Magic wasn't happy about that. This is kinda unsurprising since Wilbon spends half the time analyzing half the time cringeworthingly trying to bed Magic..

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I'm good with more Bill

I'm good with more Bill Simmons, he's a diehard fan of the game and brings a different viewpoint usually but now they have basically three journalists (not a Doris Burke fan either) as analysts without much of players or coach's analysis, Jalen Rose doesn't really bring much to the table and ESPN basketball is pretty awful.. JVG, Simmons, Tirico and Hubie are the only ones I actually like.

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Rick Kamla is so slept on it

Rick Kamla is so slept on it isn't even funny. Dude has been the best on NBATV as far back as I can remember.

I was in about 9th or 10th grade but I remember this dude was on EVERY show they had. His Fantasy Basketball show, NBA updates (sort of like ESPN) in the mornings, He co-hosted the weekly Basketball International (a International ball highlight show that would also breakdown 1 NBA prospect...damn what happened to Nemanja Aleksandrov?) did the announcing for the Euroleague game of the week and when they broadcasted the Euroleague final fours and did the NBA Gametime show during the NBATV live games.

Dude is a beast

Somebody please call up Based Rick Kamla from the NBATV D-League

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