Magic could have a 7 big man roatation, Dwight who????

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They could go 9 deep if they

They could go 9 deep if they wanted to and they'd still be awful.

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None of these guys will be able to fill the void Dwight left, Andrew Nicholson is a good start though

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Andrew Nicholson

I like Andrew Nicholson, but I think it would be more accurate to say that he is a good start to filling the void of Ryan Anderson.

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If the Magic had some sort of

If the Magic had some sort of Power Rangers ability where they could fuse the best attributes of all these players together to make a super player they unfortunately still wouldn't be as good as Howard.

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Greg Ostertag would be better

Greg Ostertag would be better than any of the current centers on the Magic roster...Even the Bobcats have a better collection of big men than Orlando...

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I think Nikola Vucevic will

I think Nikola Vucevic will turn out to be a good player.

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It's kind of like the

It's kind of like the T-Wolves having a handful of point guards but none can replicate the court vision of Ricky Rubio.

On the bright side, when the Magic play the Pistons they can do Hack-A-Drummond all game long.

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as a Magic fan i'm optimistic

as a Magic fan i'm optimistic about our lineup. i would've obviously have liked to get Bynum in the Howard trade but a lineup of Ayon, Nicholson, Vucevic, Harkless, O'Quinn has some young talent. We aren't going to win many games, but we will be able to build over the next 5 years

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